There will be a day delay in today’s comic.  I broke my linux mint distro to the point I can’t even uninstall it.  I plan on finding a way to use Ubuntu instead.  How did this happen?  I changed my ati driver once, and since then I couldn’t change it.

I removed the driver, and the mdm service did not survive, and the xserver was of course not working either.  All I can do is “diagnose” the problem, verbally I guess, because the final screen is a blinking cursor.  I killed Mint.

My card is older too, by a couple of years.  Still pretty good, but it heats up too well.  I like Linux a lot, and its a shame the Mint “support” chat was full of people, but this problem was too great they chose not to acknowledge it.  Its a bug that shall not be thought of.

Windows had that issue plus more, which is why I left them on my home computer.  Steam support is apparently growing, and wine is eons away from where it used to be in terms of distance covered by its previous pace.  It looks like we are seeing a great shift away from Windows and into the third party candidate “Linux”.

Apple Store Support was just as glass jawed when it came to business use of its platform, and if you were not actively seeking an apple device, and needed help on a clients, there was no help.

In the end, neither large company nor small company can offer you the support you truly need, which is why third parties exist, or you internalize that cost.  When either of those parties aren’t treated like human beings, a certain aspect of a business suffers thus bringing down overall morale.

After work I will install my hp printer and get todays and tomorrows comic up.

As nearly always, Good luck, and I wish you success on your venues.