What color is your tulpa?  I had to refresh my memory on the idea of the Tulpa, the one from Buddhist philosophy, and there are times when I create a similar event.  I don’t consider it odd in the least, as it is a great literary device, friend(dangerous), acting partner, and teacher(dangerous).  Where as all four types or classes of a modern day Tulpa can become dangerous, the ones I have mentioned to be dangerous are all the extremes that one should be cautious of.   My tip: find a guide on the path of wisdom.  It is one thing to extrapolate function and form from every day objects, but to tear apart ones reality all the time should not be attempted alone.  This is part of the abyss that only a chosen few seem to seek after.  Where as a philosopher can be unbearable, at times, a philosopher-mystic is excruciatingly intolerable.  Again this path does not harden the heart, it does not focus upon it.

Why is the heart being avoided?  That reason is up to the individual.  WOW has also reminded me about the talent pathing of life.  The actual tree is unknown, but repeated events of the path create a standard in which to judge where the path is headed.  If you want to improve something you do that thing.  The same goes with my comic, and there are days I do not want to improve it, because I do not work on it, or on art.  Life is the excuse no matter that it contains.  You only have time to choose to do a certain thing, or improve a thing.

Until we live in space, time is the only factor we have to accomplish our goals.  My ultimate goal is come to my correct understanding of the meaning of Christos.  A concept that is far removed from any religious dogma, because of what it can represent.  It is the perfect title for what wisdom can accomplish.  To each man his own path and his fate.  Of course like all teachers, the Rabbi of Rabbis, would want is to remind us that whatever one man has achieved it proves that all men have that capability.  Wisdom then reminds us that, all things being equal in the mindest of all things being allowed to exist, any manifestation of creation that we know of has this same potential.

Is such an understanding time based? Again I default to the personal journey, but I would be very weary of any man who claims to “Jesus” or “Christ”, or even those who use deception to fit their agenda.

Time to address the elephant in the room.  A Greek concept that was made up after the fact, was attributed correctly as a title.  It was given to a Jewish man, who tried to tell his tribe of people they were in breach of many of their commandments, and reminded them of the God they were dealing with.  The decision was passed down from the political power of the people, who, according to what is written down, were presented with a decision to free their Jewish brethern who spoke against the Temple governing authority , or a man who was attributed to be a serial killer.

This freeing a person according to the will of the people (imagine the constant harangue of anti-Jesus sermons).  Like all moments in humanity,  the event is judged on the sum of the choices made (through the eyes of history of course).  The crowd was overwhelmingly shouted for the murderer to be pardoned.  Did this event happen in a vacuum or did it happen because of the result of a nation of people to corrupt themselves in their effort to remain focused on their “burden”.

The concept of Hell was a mistranslation as well, the original was Gehenna, the name of a dump that was set on fire.  The ashes were then used as fertilizer as well as other scientific uses.  Wood ash, water, and aluminum foil create a lot of heat when mixed together   It didn’t burn my hand, but it could have if didnt let go.  It didn’t smoke or conflagrate as I saw, but I was cleaning up from a Thanksgiving Smoke-A-Thon in the snow.  Chemistry without wisdom could be dangerous.

Good luck in the future with all of your projects.


I reign with my left hand, I rule with my right.