I really don’t know why Spinach and Clint stay together.  it’s a poisonous relationship, well a toxic one.  Spinach is looking for vindication, such as the creator of this “comic”.  Even in that joke I find the ascerbic reality that Spinach finds himself.  Spinach also suffers from a victims complex that I don’t think I’ve explored, yet.

That source of his problems is not the lack of an origin, but a refusal to accept himself.   Spinach loves the abuse it seems.  I will admit admit that coming this far in my life should feel much better than it does.  That is not right, but that is something Spinach shares, oh, well Spinach has never been complimented.  None of the characters dole them out.  That’s not some cry for help, that is comedy.  Its better to leave pandering to the sycophantic characters.  In real life, compliments and beneficial rewards are few and far between.  Comedy fodder.  Life imitates art, thanks to modern influence(s).


Does me being a “failure” in this regard mean all of my Love of Wisdom is equivalent to nothing?  Was this worth the burden I asked for in my late teens, was it granted or a coincidence the darkness set on.  Am I failure?  Is Spinach?  Not only am I alive, but I support a small household of two, minus the food.  I cook though as much as mentally possibly, usualyl soups, cookies, and last night bagel pudding.  Speaking of which I am going to stop here and get some to eat.


Back, that was delicious; it contained over eight types of bagels, including a whole grain one.  Now, thats a breakfast, lunch, and dinner of sustenance.  I did only use sweet bagels and a plain one, as the puddin’ was perfected before the bagellette pieces were added.  Ugh, two different tenses of the same verb in the same sentence, that was not a good a choice.  Even though I’ve learned to write in smaller paragraphs at time (the internet standard), I have refused to obey to laws of grammar.   Just like Spinach tries to become a real comic where storeies go somewhere on paper rather than in my head.  Incubating.

It all intertwines with what I found in the Temple.


you poor old dog, you see its only me.