I’ve decided to go out onto the local trivia circuit, I hope the Brass Tap still has it on mondays at nineteen thirty.  They also have a macaroni and cheese burger that I would like to get.  Ok, that is an indulgence, yes, but I don’t reward myself that often, and its all in the name of trivia.  Just made a few texts and snagged one person for my team.  I hope more join and we dominate with useless knowledge.

I’ll update this now instead of tomorrow at 0333 hours, because I am feelin’ good about getting my two sketches out of the way, so I am on track towards my goal(s).  Found out I was planking wrong, I knew it was too easy, and the other day when I started, whew that is MUCH tougher to not only hold, but to meditate during as well.  My lower back was sore, which is a good sign, now its not so sore, but I’m almost back up to my previous past time(s).  At this rate, by this friday I will be hitting the two minutes mark.  The music really helps me concentrate on anything but the struggle.

First correct the form, then do the function.  Once I get to the crazier times, I hope my calorie burn will undo these mac n cheese burgers, and pizza for Sunday night moving unliving show(s).  I can’t believe television is this bad.. oh well, might as well enjoy it.  It keeps my mind from the heavier things, if only for a few seconds.

Good luck and success with all of your projects!


“All that she wants, is another baybuh”