Spinach means a lot to me.  I prefer it as raw as possible for flavor and for nutrients.  How did that become the name of the main character?  When I drew him back in two thousand ten, it was after I had drawn my two three previous webcomic attempts: Sans Merit, Irradiated, and finally Schwolanders.  The first is found on the wayback machine, and I don’t know where the second is.  I want to pick it up again one day, as I am getting closer to my goal(s).  Other than my personal goals set for work, involving new avenues for revenue, as well as starting on the programming path of development.  Life is kinda like an mmorpg.

It would explain a lot my notes for Schwocraft.  My minecraft mod I would love to make.  I am learning things at a pretty good rate, and I feel more confident in make strides at work, so that I may have some non professional goals as well, my art.  I wouldn’t take the latter over the former unless certain conditions were met.  I am a believer in mitigation after all.

The last one would be the most crucial as I realize the importance of not wasting time or energy pursuing any “romance”.  I would rather complete the better goal of finding something greater.  No, its not God.  There was no real search to begin with, because the end will always remain the same, ‘What am I going to do about it?’.  It was a search for a community that was taken away from me when I was young.  I have a clear memory of being with my friends, no real mention of God, or scriptures, or the wretched dogma that eats its own vomit and follows its own tail.  It was enjoying life and not wanting more, I had better friend ships then, no matter me being a very young age of I don’t know five, or seven.  For some reason I have random memories imprinted in indelible places on my brain.

But what happened?  It was a day where we had to complete the scriptures, or pick the best word for some reason or another.  Somehow I just knew what to put down, not because the answer came to me, but I realized that of the answers given, only a series or class, or specific set of answers were being used in church, as opposed to everything else I was reading.  It was then I felt my first separation of faith from religion, that would cause me to not believe in any fantastical elements of the late nineteen eighties to early nineteen nineties.

Back to my original final point, I’ve wanted to reconnect with the Church, not for God, but for me, socially.  I have been studying governmental hierarchies for over a decade no, so the problem is not finding one, its about finding the right one.  I figure without the sheer amount of churches and temples that exist, one of them ought to have a different voice than the one the state requires.  Needless to say this search isn’t going well, but it gets me out of the house and into the sun!

My problem so far is that I have too many ideas, and they overwhelm me, because unless they are out, my mind works on their story lines.  This isn’t altogether a bad thing as Synthetic Wisdom for instance allows me to explore the self and how it relates to society through Spinach and Clint.  They represent the two types of men.  The ones who seek the truth and the ones who dont.  Clint can become quite mean at times in his apparent dislike of Spinach, a reference to the media silencing any truths.  It’s all about the focus of each mans desire, and each character is at their own stage of finding that out.  What you see is not the totality of what I have done and drawn behind the scenes.  I won’t go back into my sketchbooks for ideas, because I have no need to.  Each time I draw them, their dialogue continues.

Dialogue, after all is what keeps us alive and sane.


You want to stay in heaven, but the rules are too tough.