I believe this is the end of this “Season”.  I have since moved onto the less print friendly format of landscape.  Why?  When I made my master sheet, I turned it ninety degrees and liked it a lot more.  Plus, for some reason it’s easier for my to sketch the panel guide lines.  Whilst inking I end up free handing the panels so I can learn breath control.  I haven’t been able to ink at home, but I have my sketching done to a pretty good time frame.

Inking is a task best saved for coffee shops and being about town.  Since I don’t eat till about noon, I can drink water and/or fruit juice as I try to establish a good inking pace.  I’ve hit seventy seven comics uploaded which, if I deduct from the non comic strip images, I think I am down to about seventy four.  One shy of my previous record of seventy five comics.  That was about twelve years ago, the comics are only accessible on the way back machine.  It was called sans merit.  It was one of the few accomplishments of my senior year, I was stricken with Senioritis.  For me it started sometime in kindergarten.  I even wrote an article about it the school newspaper that a friend had laminated.

It was the best thing I ever wrote, and since then, my life has gone downhill, creatively.  Until now that is.  I have about fourteen comics I have yet to upload, so a few days, I actually beat my previous record.  I’ve got more goals to accomplish.   For now, Mondays and Tuesday on Schwofield.com.

For later, well I got nothin’, sorry.  You’ll just have to wait until next week, or hope that I become much more prolific, in that case you wont have to wait as long.

Good luck, and success as always.


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