Got to make a soup today.  Chicken and beans soup.  Well more like Cream of Chicken and beans.  It’s a work in progress.  I may have put in a little too much salt, but my hopes is that the mashed potatoes will deal with that.  I used up a gallon bag full of vegetable leavin’s, and about two chicken carcasses (bones) to make the stock.  Dinner started with a homemade salad of bok choy, beet greens, spinach, and parsnips.  Oh and a red onion.  With some good eye-talian dressing (Newman’s Own), it was a brilliant way to start the meal.  The beets?  I simmered them on the stove and added sauteed onions and yucca.

Since it was a sunday, I also used the grease of the chicken (garlic and butter) and cooked some cabbage, kale, and more bok choy until things were tender and delicious.  I have traded fats and oils for sweets long ago, although, I do have enough baking supplies to make a lot of cookies.  Also, breads and a few other processed foods, I am able to cut down down, mainly due to cost effectiveness.  I still could see myself turning vegetarian solely for this reason, though I really only eat one ore two meals a day.  Breakfast isn’t my style.  I might change that because I notice that unless I am in the mood to fast, I really should try to eat something in the morning.

Tomorrow I will have the chance as I am off to Einsteins to ink some strips.  I have a new method of working that is allowing me to make more strips that my current rate.  More on this in the future, I am off to do some stuff, and then maybe enter the dream world.  Thanks to Yellow Brick Cinema playing relaxation/sleep music I can move towards that second goal.  Good night, and perhaps good day to you, dear Reader.

Good luck and success on all of your projects.


Puttin’ on the Ritz