The other day my G3’s charging port became unreliable; and I reaffirmed that my “upgrade” was about seven months away.  The problem with being a customer for the telecoms, is that they may offer to pay for your bill and your first phone may even be discounted, but that is one of the last good graces you’ll ever receive.  Contracts are meaningless, and the government and companies various fees increase by a few cents every single month without any real explanation whatsoever.  To make matters worse the FCC seems to show its own bloated obsolescence by being unable to stand up to the very masters of business that placed them there.  Sorry, been watching a lot of Duckman, and its really easy to go into a rant about the many ways the consumer is getting screwed by the very powers that threaten them in order to protect them.

I’ve decided that the age of the smart phone needs to come to end, so we can revert back to phones, and then focus on having much better tablets.  I don’t care if anyone else follows in my path, but I happen to like a phone with a battery life that isnt bogged down with data mining apps and advertisements disguised as social media outlets.  I also don’t want the same people who wont allow me to use an app unless I allow them access to the entire device including my contacts.  It’s bad enough Verizon maybe backs contacts one every two years, but they won’t hesitate to take a snapshot of your phones personal “data” and upload it to their cloud for “storage”.  Meanwhile personal data is hosted on private servers protected by a flimsy EULA that is written in the same leagilize as other government documents, so you don’t know exactly how your being screwed, and even if they did sell all of your contacts and private pictures and emails to an ad agency?  Your face is now their face the moment you sign their two year agreement to join modern society.

Also according to verizon, the prilvedge of owning a smart phone and having it access the unlimited minutes and very limited data, is about fifty dollars a month, or six hundred a year.  So even if you get a smart phone for free, its going to cost you an additional six hundred dollars, just so it can have the phone number and data plan you purchased attached to it. Also, a huge bombshell is dropping right now about the criminal negligence of the phone developers themselves having many known powerful security flaws.  Ones that the government and other agencies already exploit, but smart phone users are naked in the breeze for other app scams and ransom ware root kits.

I’m getting all riled up, even after I sketched a cartoon and spent some time trying to quiet down.  It’s time for sleep, I have some good news for you, dear reader coming in the future.  Until then, Monday will be updated as per usual, and I will stick to that schedule for probably another month or so.  Maybe, just maybe, after Passover/Easter/Worship(Sacrifice) of Ishtar, I will be able to do a little more than that, but shhh.

Until then, good luck and success to all of your projects!  Unless you are evil, then I probably shouldn’t condone that.


“You’re a cad and a bounder, and you’re reckless with my heart.”