I guess at this point in my life I can no longer waffle on the issue of me being a “cartoonist”.  I have 3 total sketchbooks, that changed from “art” to cartooning thanks to a few sources I looked up to to reach this point in time.     I have to be careful what I write here, not because I am afraid of any corporate or other backlash (I doubt my company cares about this site, which is fine), but because I want to try to shape a new persona, or at the very least hone Mr.Schwo into something that I want to be.  I’ve  been (and still am) Ahavah Olam, which delivered what it promised and it helped liberate me, at least this far.  I will still don the title every know and then, and its full meaning is tattooed on my heart.  I doubt any government or private interest can see any amortization (I owe the United States Operators a lot of money, not in actual debt, but in existential debt) or power principle (I am not a smart man), so I am temporarily free to draw and write as I please.  MY aim is never at any church or race, but as governing bodies, and it is never wise to attack them head on, as they are necessary to keep the rule of law established.

At some point, which I am much better at creating each strip I do have plans to bring back the old Deviant Art flavor(s), as supplemental, but Spinach is about to begin the start of a loooong journey ahead I have planned for him.  He is not ready to take on the big dogs yet, but give it a year of so of completed strips, and no my sketch book comics will not ever be redone, because I need to tell at least three stories at once.  I am establishing cannon now, and although Spinach and Clint have a over three year history together, I haven’t really fleshed out a lot of details that can ONLY be brought about by  experiences.

Clint has his stories too, it’s just that he is a gamer, and I used to really enjoy them, a few might catch my interest every now and then, they won’t hold me like they did in the past, like Serpent Isle, or the Kings/Space Quest Series, and Doom did.  Minecraft is a wonderful game, and a great way for people like me stricken with too much energy to keep in touch with family and friends, especially now that I am on duty during night shifts(which I am starting to like),  oh yeah every time I go to work, that following day I check the missed connections section of Craigs List, no mentions means I am still as annoying and obnoxious as always.  That is bad for a lover, but GREAT for a cartoonist.   I’ve also given up on dating American women here in the states, for reasons of faith, and more importantly because I have nothing of value to anyone except what you see posted here every tues and thursday.

I want to apologize about no written diatribe on Halloween, I was temporarily disabled by a cold and by not knowing what to write for each post.  I don’t want this to be a whiny narrative, nor do I want to talk about business things unless I have something to show.  I don’t want to write about how crappy it is to live in poverty, to work for companies that think healthcare is a joke, to work for companies that dehumanize their workers until they are nothing but a commodity, or to be afraid each waking moment that the moment my car dies my life up here (and in many other respects) is over.  Or the years of mental neglect has given me both depression and paranoia, so I am full with endless energy and ideas, yet I lack the fortitude and courage to overcome (I am trying), and see a doctor about it.

Getting any support from the state as a single person, is very disenfranchising, I mean it would be great to be able to take appropriate medications as I change my behavior over time to make me more productive and happier, but I don’t deal enough with the state to establish any relationship where I would feel like the state is doing this to keep me alive, rather than just being a result of something they were forced to do.

Now, working for Corporate America as the lowest of the low, I have come to the conclusion that empathy and compassion will actually never exist in the top management, because making sure your workers and happy and taken care of, is A)none of their concern, and B)too costly, oh and C)not their responsibility.  In an ideal world our corporate overlords would have their own doctors/mechanics/handy men on retainer with the company, so the workers would no longer have to worry about things so they can focus solely on work.   As for now, we, the modern world, have allowed out Overseers and Lords to dominate and enslave us to the point where we have to pay to stay alive, and pay to work.   It is the most backwards and genius of systems, if you keep the populace locked in an existential/financial struggle they will be to worried about other things (like staying alive) to worry about what a raw deal they are getting.  It’s funny, the people at the top are ruthless, brilliant, and callous (the main three upper management virtues), why are those the top ones?  Because theya re not working for themselves, they are working to keep the company making money.  We, the employees, will always be expendable, but our managers demand our loyalty while knowing that those at the top (federal, private, shadow banker, military, other)  has no room in their operations for loyalty for the cogs.   We, the employees, are easily replaced cogs in a great machine.  This is the way things are.

My faith (not my religion, come on Pope you know what to fix!) allows me the grace of protecting those that despise my kind when nothing is wrong(or boundaries are reinforced), yet when things go wrong or they leave for the day, they look to me and my brothers for protection and peace of mind.  I will write a post on the numbers game later.  As for now I just want to finish this off with this:

Yes life is awful right now, and those fortunate living in America, we have been given a lot of toys and electronic diversions to quell us and to keep us consuming at the expense of security and in some areas human lives.  I, personally, do not like this, and I want things to change for the better, but still at this moment, nobody has any ideas on how improve things.  Also, don’t get me started on the constitution,  that will be for another day.  What is the solution to this?  Where is the trumpet call to arms against our great benefactors?  Where are our Messiah(s) to raise the dead and heal wounds?  Where is the Justice?

I would like to answer those questions, but you won’t listen to the real answers.  I want things to improve, I can only talk to my managers and supervisors with a contrite heart and listen to their answers.  I am just like you, waiting for those answers.   I don’t want the solution to be an armed rebellion, I prefer the meeting halfway victories.  We, the poor, ignorant, masses will never be given the proper information to make global changes, because we have been deemed unworthy, and we don’t have the time/energy to learn more, because we would be in a mindless rebellion that makes the end times idiots bear their teeth and lick their lips, saying “let us spill the blood of our enemies!”.

I tell you to wait, for a god wave is coming; and end times prophecies are not what you think they are.  They contain powerful revelations, but any literal interpretation does a great disservice to humanity.  Stop treating sacred texts like pop music!  If the Catholic church reforms keep moving towards the literal meaning of Catholicism (please!), I would like to see the bible being taken away from the laymen, and instead giving it and the rest of the books to Mystics.  The priests can then focus on (gasp!) the people who come to them for help.

A few more times for this reformation:  Each church should offer financial counseling, each church should also have mechanics(or the priest learns) so that basic maintenance measures can be undertaken.  I am sick and tired of seeing charities going to the homeless when the people who attend and donate are suffering more.    The Church should find out WHY people are homeless and  address those problems.   I have many other reforms that are needed, and if the Pope is serious about saving people, he needs to start molding the church into a real government that exists to keep all of its members alive and well, so they feel empowered to leave the ivory tower and help shelters, and those that have been abandoned by the corporate/fed/state governments.  Those three entities are within their rights to treat people like crap and to feast upon their constituents in order to survive.   All governments have to be against the teachings of the Christos, Jesus, because they will never have the same goals, they don’t want everyone to follow them into their future (they paid for it), they only want those they deem worthy to accompany them.

The Catholic Church does not have that luxury…anymore.


“Digital Daggers – The Devil Within”