This might be a good week.  Kind goofed with a big client on Saturday, today is the day I get to make up for it.  My planking time is up to a little over a minute, which is good.  Gotta strengthen that core.  Planking is also the easiest way to start the day.  Put a song on that you like and lose yourself in another world, or you can remember a dream or two.  I also find from planking it is an transition to pushups.  If you aren’t “feeling it” yet, then while laying on the floor “resting” stretch something out.  I end up on my knees to stretch my back.  Then back down for a single or double ( or more…) set of push ups.

I started with ten push ups.  I am continuing to do ten for this period, nice and slow. My goal isn’t to do all the push ups  It’s to try to perfect the push up.  I get ten tries every day for now.  Eventually I’ll get more, but that is not important now.  Control is.  I personally do not have a lot of control, self or otherwise.  This is how I regain it.

If there is one thing I have learned about governing forces, is that consistency is the key to control.

This is also the reason why the world is governed by the ebb and flow of currency.


Oh, also, before I forget, good luck to you and all your projects.