Lofty goals aside, I really don’t like talking about my personal life.  I would rather talk of aspirations; and analyse the issues I think is more important.  I guess time or Maddox will be able to tell on that.  A topic I try to also avoid is the nature of this blog.  The comic I have already admitted in so many words to being afraid of.  Not of greatness, but fear in that I made it, and even through it is crap to you, to me, it is mine.  Its my art.

My blog is also such.  I have a busy schedule and also a curse that wont allow me to plan things out in advance.  Over the past decade, and in the throws of a terrible depression, I have learned to call that Gods time, as I seem to go where I am needed at times.  I also am terrible at scheduling things as spontaneity rule my life allowing for only a structure of random work (hours) and the whole friday night to saturday night sabbatical, which by the way is starting to destress some areas of my life as I try to perfect a day off from everything.

My history of writing things on the internet stem back to the early two thousands, when I had my first blog and was able to write long essays seemingly about nothing.  It seems that way because I am still unable to close deals both in sales for Comcast and in real life.  In the old days I probably would have been dead by now as I would not have access to some hermetic luxuries.  This is when I would default to the nothing is new under the sun truism, so to counter that I would say go back to the meaning of life.  Purpose.

I want to create, not to make money, but to get these ideas out of me.  I have so many ideas, but I don’t have the proper outlets.  A good chunk of them are different business models for Schwofield to turn that into a success.  I really love drawing Synthetic Wisdom as each finished one is a draining experience of me learning virtues of patience, honour, sacrifice, and compassion.  There is also truth and love, but I bent the latter towards the former because quite frankly, I haven’t found anyone else to love.  I am how I write at times, and I can give long winded speeches regarding how much I love the truth in so many ways, without mentioning truth whatsoever.  Much like faith, how I can show you my love of God and path Christos, all without mentioning Jesus, Christianity, or the fouled religions thereof.

My cup has rarely been full, that is why I keep asking the Creator of all Things for more, more; more!  This path gives me powerful dreams of both personal transformation and future events.  I tell you the first is better than anything else.  My thirst led me to the Torah, and it was there I found this seemingly everlasting fount of wisdom.  It inspired the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, the two best commentaries, because it mentions nothing of religion, or even rarely if ever of God.

You don’t have to take my word for it.  You can check it out any any church that isn’t Catholic, because for some reason, none of the Catholic churches have their “own” bibles in the pews.  Who is still living in the dark age now?

I write only what comes natural, and re-reading my work is a painful process I like to avoid until my art gets better.  Why?  I am hoping that Synthetic Wisdom will allow me to finally come to terms with my artistic side.  Right now it seems as distant as the full understanding Christos, which I tried to align on the same path.  I don’t have many strengths, so in the end I must follow me heart.