Where is Mary’s story heading?  Will it turn into another lost timeline?  Hardly, I’ve got some plans on how I want this all to play out, while revisiting some old places of yore.  Far in my long term goals I want to do this every single day of the week.  I’ve gotten it down to a precise habit, but how do I complement my insomina with it?  I’ll take some breaks as I work the graveyard shift again, hopefully for the last time for this project.  I’m only forty five machines shy of my goal.  How does philosophy help me?  Thanks to work that began on sunday night I have created a way to streamline new clients and keep existing clients up to date.  It’s not about making money, I want them to be in good hands.  I want to know as much as I can about them before each problem, and a quick way to reference and check up on them when I have some “down” time.  Or If I add Duroc to the company, I can focus more on future endeavours, my forte is looking to the future, and I am usually right about the things that truly matter.

There was a term for this type of person in the early twenty first century: Cassandras.  Now they are called whistle blowers and terrorists.  They try to show Apollos light (truth) and they are cut down by those who wish to conceal the light.  They would be of the darkness.  Not a bad thing, just a shadow cast from their mighty fortresses, ivory towers, and walled in cities over “their” people.  All men belong only to that which created them, so we are then forced to live in existential turmoil and physical(spiritual) degredation to prop a wall against the Truth of Truths.  The people who live in the walled in cities no longer look up and pay homage to that which allowed them to do what they have done, they stare into mirrors in the darkness.  They become fat and lazy feasting on the flesh of their citizens, feeding a pit inside of them that is bottomless.  Indeed, while we are alive we all have that same vast emptiness inside of us, but not all choose to become it by staring into it.

It’s never been about God or the lack thereof, its been about a choice between Truth and deception.  Coercion teaches us about moderation, war about aggression, and politics about greed.  In the east, the goal would be balance of the two forces, why would it be any different?  Its easy to see the outcome of imbalance, we live in it.  There’s an old addage about water seeking its own level, would that also be true for energy?  Both flow through mediums, its their container that is different.  Don’t use that as your understanding of science and maths for test.  Read what the chapter was on, understand it, then you’ll ace the test!


“Time flies by like clouds passing in the sky.”