So it wasn’t influenza, it was bronchitis.  Much better, and I’m an old hat at visiting the bronchs.  I don’t have asthma that I know of, I used to have a mild form of it when I was younger, but I thought my teenage years of indiscretions and puberty fixed that. Really my worst system was my lungs being full of mucous.  A lot of mucous.  I was given two Asmanex Inhalers, and I am almost in the clear with eight doses left in the first one.  Perscription inhaler tech has come a long way, not to mention the Asmanex with way more effective than my old friend Primatene Mist tablets!  It’s Musinex and a way to get your lungs open.  You should exercise caution when using method beyond your own natural immune system.  It’s strong, but its not uber mensch strong.  That for balancing the positive forces of health, as diet, friends, existential defence/critical thinking.

How was your monday?  Mine was amazing, and thanks to the bronchitis messing up my sleep schedule, I am able to work more at nights, so I can focus on my night goals.  Which would speed up progress at my other job.  A good friend of mine told me she had a second job, this caused me to pause, as the reality I try to “avoid” here in Schwofield(s) and at my main job.  I love both, and want to do well in both, for many of the same and different reasons.  This late in the game of Ame ricas lifespan two jobs are necessary, as another close friend of mine just signed up for uber.  Nobody is getting paid a liveable wage, its either too much or not enough.  My belief is that the balance of the us dollar must come within first.  We have enough, we just need to know what to sacrifice or adopt into an area that is lacking.

I did the same thing when I bought my drawing table from Hobby Lobby (retailmenot had a 40% off coupon!), I have to move some areas that I deem “gluttonous” is food.  Over a decade now have I fasted as simply not been able to eat for various reasons like poverty while on duty.  I was a starving man protecting the Malls of America.  Thanks to Colorado I was able to trade the majority of my food for their patriotic legalization concern.  Another funny thought on the matter.  Private Security is the only badge and uniform in America that makes you worth less than any other citizen.  You aren’t even able to enjoy the service industry night, because its a profession that even law enforcement produces fecal matter on, even though we were their extended eyes and ears, some of us had a great deal of operational knowledge as well.

If I may diverge a bit, I received a harrowing tale from a former security guard, he said he was paid nine dollars an hour to carry a firearm at a mall at a major city.  I was underpaid at ten dollars an hour and I had the worst possible training anyone can imagine.  Whenever people talk about their love of law enforcement they don’t include the low level security guards.  Critical Intervention Services, I can’t comment on, but that should have always been reserved to former military or law enforcement who wish to continue a certain way of life (thankfully!).  Private security in all its forms on the lower level (and in some extent the cyber as well), is all about the keeping not the lands peace, but the idea of peace from whoever or whatever owns the land in accordance with the various levels of government.  Much like law enforcement I might add.  I also use the term government very loosely as well since it applies the the myriad of social hierarchies around us.

So Schwofield is my own private government right now, that includes a few people.  I don’t want it to be solely mine forever, but a collective.  Had I a Jewish girlfriend I would share this with her as well; that would create its own government as well.  It’s not very successful, but as a philosopher-mystic I have learned that some things in life aren’t about rushing.  Also, I’ve tried many times, but art world, even that of cartooning, is not the same for everyone.  I’ve only recently come to many powerful  realizations regarding me and cartooning, as well other things.  One thing I wasn’t doing was asking for help properly from the correct people to solve my anxieties and work with me in overcoming obstacles so that I am succeed.

Synthetic Wisdom has been and always shall be, my growth comic.  I will make it because I love to, in whatever form and fashion I shall desire.  I am in love with it, not the same love I feel in when I saw my first Torah, but a very similar one.  In finding one I found the other.

This is how my Tuesday began.  Questioning the day behind it, and ending up a long diatribe and ending on that weird phrase at the end.

I am, however, quite tired and there is much to do today.


Let it feel like falling.