It was high time I left Spinach and the gang alone for a bit and working on Mary and her world.  I didn’t know how powerful of a character she would be until my last visit to Ave Maria.  Ever since I had my idea for my first novel, the idea of writing from a womans point of view fascinated me, well the old world view.  We now live in a new age where the past is meaningless depending on how powerful of a force you are right now.  Whose moment exactly? Thankfully that is not up to me to judge, I am under a great deal of weight with my own life.  Causing damage, repairing damage, letting some damage fester and boil, the regular human life.  I am the worst judge, as I am not even doing myself any justice.  Am I alone in this endeavour?  I don’t think I am, but that kind of conversation is incredibly necessary.  Not the alone one, but the self conversation on how to be a better self judge.  Is this for a better cause?  Or for God?

Quite the contrary, its so that I may know my path better and make sure its mine.  I’ve learned that the best way to pay homage to that which created you is to fully realize how powerful your moment of existence is, to your self.  I have no desire to dominate others in any fashion, but I like to posit ways on fixing things.  Such as, why don’t homes have a closed off system water system.  The whole idea of the home can now be re-evaulated because we have the technology to 3d print (for speed) the best type of home.  As for the cost, as long as its built to last, the cost would actually be cheaper in the longer run of things.

Before the economy collapses, humanity should be looking at ways of creating not just a self sustaining home, but districts and cities as well.  I do not know the end goal to the current powers that run this world system, I only see the fruits of their labour, which varies depending on locality.  Self sustaining also means self governing would be easier.  Which would if a market could also exist alongside the self sufficiency aspect, the government would get into backups, hosting, and of course be a contender in the ISP utility.

When issues arrive, let the people know about it, so they can make informed decisions.  The more you hide from your public, the more stupider they become.  Why is this?  When you first try to censor for political safety you start removing events from text books.  As time goes by, what used to fill a book, is cut down into a chapter, and quickly soon, a chapter.  If the information is  “lucky” it becomes a sentence, hopefully never to be written in l337 or kek.  This has an effect of people as they learn to quickly gloss over the periods of time, before people had the ability to do this.  This makes them take advantage of the amount of information is available such that the organization that censors information has done, and thus over time will have generations of people that lose touch with their own humanity.  Without the truth of the past, all we have left is a biblical narrative fictionalized by those entrusted to keep it(the information).

Things are changing though, and people are “waking up”.  I, however, can only enjoy each day under the sun that I have, and whatever my hand finds to do, to do it.  My hands are in the worlds of IT, Cartooning, Writing, and Wisdom.

Look forward to next weeks post.  I’ll also try to co-ordinate my blog with the comic.  This bout of influenza is teaching me many things!

Oh, good luck on all of your projects as well!


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