So I just moved to a new place and I cannot find my printer cable, nor the power supply for it.  I was going to look last night, but I ended up watching the Broncos win.  I’m off to Einsteins Bagels for some chocolate chip bagels, then I will return and post it.  I will also put up the following weeks comic as well.  So I don’t run into this embarrassing issue again.  Thanks for your patience.  I’m looking right now, and I am not finding it.  I’ll find a way.  Bear with me.  😉





Comic is up, I found the cord, it was in the printer the WHOLE time.  I’m either smart, or not so smart.  Either way, it’s up, and starting this week, whenever I finish a comic, I will just scan it in advance and set it up for automagic updating.  I’ll talk more about this and more later on teh week.