Not with me though, with these two characters.  It’s time to move on and explore more of Spinachs world.  This comes at a strange time, as today, in about twelve hours or so, I’ll be moving to my new home down the road.  Still in Bonita Springs, but a more quiet area, hopefully.  My current house isn’t bad, and I would love to have stayed, but far too many issues came up.  All of them seemed liveable, but one was the kicker that made life impossible.  Let’s just say I don’t like sleeping in the same room as my computer, i.e. home office.  Also, my monitor(s) are on my drawing table, which is really cool, but unless they were isolated at a higher position, which they weren’t they are too close and they restrict the movement of the table.

Let’s say that in my new office (which all I would need is a partition..) I was able to free up my drawing table, would I use it more?  I’ll answer with a resounding “hopefully”.  The intent is there, but until I’ve fixed my living schedule, it’s hard to say.  I’ve planned out my day from hour 0500 to 2100.  I have to allow some leeway into the later most hour because I am on call 24/7.  I like it and dislike for obvious reasons.  How this relates to my comic, is that 0600 hrs is comic time, and I’ve almost got my ability to make a comic in an hour.  Minus the erasing portion, which is always done before I upload it.  I also hope to have a better light source in my new place, as my paper shaded incandescent ichor lamp does not provide enough light.  I kind of like the low light conditions.  I should look into using a candle or oil lamp as my light source for my room.  Calming herb oil scented ones would be most appropriate for sleep; energetic focus inducing oils for wake-up comic thyme.

Speaking of creating, I have the purrfect idea for how I build my first DnD encounter.  Since I don’t have the space yet to house massive terrains, the idea is to make my own set of reusable terrain and npc character tokens, later on making them more 3D, eventually moving up hobby shop realism when I have a much better idea of what I am doing.  I had some experience with this back when I worked at the movie theatre.  I need to shrink myself down to the level of the character and see how he sees.  Get inside of his mind.  That reminds me, at some point I need to buy the DM guide.  Or the english translated Zohar.  To get both I shall have to double my efforts.



Waiting for you to turn around, only to tear the whole world down.