I think I heard this (like a hole in the hand…)  somewhere, I COULD surf the seas of the internet hoping to land on an island of conclusions, but I won’t.  I’ll just sail on this current of holes in hands.  I’m not talking about that pretty neat trick where you form a tube with one hand, and with both eyes open, it looks like you can see a hole in your hand.  So the comic is a sermon about a hole in your life, especially those who live by their hand.   Which hand, or both hands is another matter altogether.

I’ve always taken this saying to allude more to the point of recognizing that missing piece, and ignoring it entirely.  This would cause pain with prolonged use and maybe other issues as well.  Now, I am no different, and I like to think that a part of me are in the comics, or more than likely it is a way for me to play out one of the may (creative) conversations in my brain.

This is why I want to network more, and run both businesses well.  One is a opportunity, and the other is a learned talent, both of gifts not only from their respective parties, but from that which created all of it and allowed me to be in this position.  When my partner is an existential woman of gold and darkness, even then I am grateful for this madness.  Nothing about the “Christos” outlined spirituality mentioned anything about this type of thing, its eluded to in some Jewish mystic texts, which the more I delve into, the more the lines of seeing things blur.

I guess we all keep learning new things, huh?  Speaking of which, I’ve been playing on the old minecraft server, and have just built the first nuclear reactor.  There was help by two water mills, and two windmills, as well as a lot of coal.  So just like in real life, the savior that is nuclear energy has quite a bit of the startup cost.  I’ll say it first: 3D printed nuclear power plants.  Maybe repair drones could exist for some areas?  Or not if you want to be even more safe.

It’s ok, we won’t need to build one for a while, now its time to build the facilities for energy, and waste reprocessing and collection.  I can’t wait.  I will have to, because I have other things to do first.


Carpet crawlers heed their callers…