Magical thinking does not improve any case if it was structured on the fallible word of man.  After all so far we nature in its entirety of rules we’re only beginning to discover.  Science fiction writers of the past, are the ones that inspired the mathematicians of the present, and who knows what we will know tomorrow.  The more plausible ideas became a manifestation of a will and a desire to know the unknown, or to find out not if we can, but how we can.

The whole idea of a forced morality doesn’t fit with the cold hard logical world of planets, stars, you name it.  Things are constantly in motion, they are created and destroyed(?)  There may even be a finite end to it all, will we be able to make it?  Or will only some of us get to, because they wanted a better tomorrow at any cost.  There was a force against them though, enforcing a “metaphorical” dark age.  Hiding wisdom only illuminates the ill deeds having to keep this way.  The shadows of the mind are the true objective, restrict their thoughts, restrict their choices.

What would be “light” they hiding?  What is so powerful about wisdom?  It exposes mans fallibility of blurring the lines of morality so ethics could be turned against the people through legislation.  The everlasting light also exposes great fractures in the earth.  The foundation of those who live the shadow toil unaware of what towers above them, or they are very good at hiding any lights.  Wisdom provided the full search of and love for to create the “democratic”(republic) social contract, and man of course had to be alive and have people study the tyrants of the past.  I’m afraid this existential war will forever hang over the public,not unlike the sword of Damacles, same as it ever was.


Wisdom would also dictate that there doesn’t need to be a violent solution, just a viable one that the people could transition into.  Like a Time puzzle.  Unfortunately, without the inner knowledge of what is going on is hidden away to protect the poor decisions or even the voices who needed it to happen.  There are challenges, and those with a clear head can overcome it.  In a world of uncertainty the only thing you can count on is change.  This is the logical thinking based upon man who is more than just a sum of all the chemicals in its make up.  Not only does man want to know its origin, but where did it all come from?  How close can I get?

Some of us get consumed by the light as it engulfs our being(with fullness).


“I feel like I’ve lived as good as anyone.”