I’ve been allowed a brief moment of rest and a little pre-vacation, before it’s back to business as usual, then away again.  For the first time I am all set with enough to post while I spirit away into the mountains, once again looking to conclude a matter.  Aren’t we all though?  For the rest of the non fixated world(s), we are given each time we wake up a moment to recreate the day in our own image.  A structured result with the collectives resolutions of what is appropriate, and a plan to work towards that as quickly as possible.  Morality should only err on restoring the humanity of what has been perceived to have been taken away.  Culture is supposed to be that outlet, but co-opting it for madness leads to waste.

What was once valuable has become tawdry and cheap, lessening the human experiencing another fraction(fracture) of the world around them.  That’s been said before, again and again. Vanity of vanities and all that.  If for a moment it was all thrown away, what would be that one moment of completeness?  Many posts ago I’ve mentioned it.  I’m an old man now who is trying to make some things work and other work better.

Usually I avoid holidays, unless they are state sponsored,  cheap turkey and false pardonings, is the best example of what life is like every day.  The turkey granted life is the luckiest creature(supposedly) in the nation.  An animals life is a bizarre ritual of reverse sacrifice to create this “endearing” show of false humility.  The meat brings people together, and the forced tradition is “broken” families become whole, on this day, perhaps also other holidays.  A wonderfully day of forced thanks, rather than accepted, tradition exists in so many facets, that the metaphor exclaiming its existence is another one of horrid treachery.

This is why certain veils are not lifted, a glimpse of certain ugliness exists, and then some greater, as it always has been.  Each day I plan on constructing my life into a better mechanism than the day before it.  Some days I even succeed in doing so.  At least Mondays are good for something again, eh?  Fridays begin the short day of rest, Sunday end like a day walking on rocky soil.  Hopefully enough rest can exist between now and bagels?


And all this in heaven too…