This comic is the beginning of a short conversation about personal faith.  Here is where you check religion at the door and enter the realm of what actually controls the self.  It is easy to write about from Spinachs point of view because he is like me a humanist who realizes that the concept of God or the very notion of any sort of internal belief is one of perception.  The best thing about being a deist is realizing that having no internal deity that can be personified be the ego should be the source of decision making.  It is not a path for everybody, and unless you take a moment and try to see where you are heading,  you will make decisions that are only in your best interest.

Upon your throne a temporary force must exist, otherwise you will be like the Buddhists and do nothing; there is a certain bliss in that.  It is sanctuary and a private moment that you can attain without being muddled by noise of the ever present world around you.  The world of which powerful forces and people seek to control every aspect of your being.  They demand your servitude and you not to question the doctrines they uphold as your path to their Godhood.  In the past the lower classes have been sacrificed for such a goal, and thus we do not know how many family lines were cut short to prolong the lines of our “fearless” leaders.  Very rarely do Kings and princes suffer for their own bad decisions, for if justice were to be applied to them, their reign would cease.  Enter the metaphor of chess and the role of the pawns and the skilful sacrifice of the more versatile units to achieve the same goal, to not kill the King, but to hold him in check.  For who shall lead tomorrow?

I play the devils advocates in my thought experiments based solely upon the knowledge bestowed upon me by paying attention.  Part of this also takes into account the assassination of free speech via the internet, humans should have the right to complain because it shows they are thinking and capable of seeing the problems before them, caused by a governing body that believes it to be as great or even greater than the force that created it.  The people are the latter force of creation, and that which created all things is the former.  Since the creator of all things is the first and therefore needs not to be mentioned in conversations of ethics and morality because no matter what is done, it shall always exist, even if humanity erases itself somehow, what is left was before us, and what will remain will be of the same nature.  We, as humanity can only bear witness as long as we are alive, and give the opportunity to be free enough to witness the atrocities and the “miracles” of existing.

The role of the ruling class of power is to use every means or opportunity at its disposal to wage a war on freedoms.  In some cultures, the civilization has become submissive to a brutish force in exchange for its own kind of freedom.  Others have been borne of the idea of being free in the way it was created, for in the beginning before there was a need for structured government of control there was no need to make something outside of murder or theft illegal.  Murder denies the life of another, and theft denies the ability to carry out the will to life.  If each member was important to the state of things, then the murder or theft of someone/something great would cause a great disturbance and threaten the entire civilization at stake.

Now that things have grown to such a size, mankind has internalized theft and murder as a means to keep the balance.  What is this balance?  I am not allowed to say, because my own standard clashes with the ideals of the current state of my country.  Every law must be a just one in my eyes, but not every law is just because justice doesn’t favor one group over another, it favors the whole.  In a vacuum this would work well, but life does not exist in one, so in order to goad the populace into allowing unjust laws to pass, two main forces have to not only be present, but manufactured by a small group to ensure their survival.  The first is destroy the education of the main populace and erase their ability to think critically, this has been started by the church and it ends with the enlightened governing bodies, both of which loathe the truth, because they rely on lies to keep the populace entranced with the second force: fear.

When people are afraid of each other, afraid to think, and afraid to face their own actual fears, the new human develops.  One who will commit great acts of atrocity to keep whatever governing body, or King on the internal throne alive as long as possible.  To this new type of human the only fault that can exist in their eyes is the fault of education, or the truth.  To admit that the fear that guides them could possibly be used to take advantage of them no longer bears any relevance, for the lie now becomes the ultimate truth.  Anyone who speaks the truth or even searches for the truth becomes the enemy of the state and thus the enemy to the modern man, and they must be stopped.

What about science and math?  When it comes to such logical questions, it is the duty of mankind to not accept anything as absolute, it may be for a time, and a time again, but never stop questioning it, and always apply the modern understanding of logic against it.  Governing bodies may fall to the truth, but true math and science can never fail.