I’m trying something a little new.  Time based updating.  This will allow me to save comics ahead of time instead of racing to get some deadline set.  I have next weeks done, and after tomorrow I will be set when I head out of town the first week of the year.  So the next year will start with a comic, BAM!  It feels so good to get these online.  Usually I default some to smarmy comment regarding the quality, but there’ll be none of that.  There will still be no actual story telling yet, that will be when I do more art “classes” or improvements, hopefully sometime next year I can begin a storyline I can finish,  one that isn’t Spinach facing himself, but ya know, one with people in it and start to flesh out the world.

Gonna be a bit of a short update tonight, maybe later on this week I’ll do a bit more, so until next time.

Good luck with all of your projects!


I got that Su-su-su-summertime, summertime sadness.