One thing I need to change about myself, is getting better at erasing all of the pencil.  I don’t have a lot of lighting in my room, so by the time I realize I missed it, its already been scanned and by that time I don’t want to go through the whole process of re-scanning it.  At this point in my cartooning, I am nowhere near being able to be perfect, so I try to do a little better each time.  Why don’t I erase it after I’m done?  Well, the truth of the matter is that I draw these at various coffee shopes and cafes, and I don’t want to make a mess, so I take it home and in my dimly lit room I make a mess.  I’ll sweep it up soon, but for now, this is the best I can do.  I do apologize for the art not being better, nor the writing umm better, but this is my comic, so let me have it.  I’m just happy I am meeting deadlines that I set for myself.


Monday updating fits my schedule, and I can usually do one of these a week while keeping a small buffer.  I get overwhelmed because I don’t know how to draw better, so in the meantime I just do what I feel and this is what happens.  I’m sure any of the regulars know by now that I’m not Mike Kahulik, Scott Kurtz, or even Kris Straub, but I don’t want to be, they are their own people and have fought long and hard to be who they are.  As for me, I am on a very different path and thus can only devote a certain amount of my life to cartooning.  I like Synthetic Wisdom a lot, Spinach has been on a lot of adventures in my sketchbooks, these are never completed, but when I get better I might continue them.  Instead of including them here on this site, I have mini goals I want to accomplish.  The first being to update two days a week.  That should happen sometime next year.  The eventual goal being five to seven days a week, but that won’t happen until I am in full control at work, or I make enough to higher Duroc to get on board.


As for now, I do plan on getting back into my Manga book as the more lessons I take from there, the better my art will become.  Being good at art/cartooning is very overwhelming, so I try not to think about it.  Case in point, my current DM and another guy in my DnD group are amazing artists who could do great things, but their lives would not allow for cartooning on a somewhat daily basis.  Mine really doesn’t, but I try anyway.  I’ve come this far, there’s no turning back for me.  Cartooning makes me feel good, and uploading makes me feel even better, it helps balance me.


Oh also tomorrow I get my stitches out of my hand, the stupid part is that this took so long he might have to reopen the free my hand.  By next week they should be out and I can close that chapter of my life.  I’ve got bagels and art tomorrow morning.  Also family is in town, but it won’t stop me from updating.  Next weeks strip is done, and tomorrow I hope to have another complete.   I’m heading out of town for New Years and won’t be back until fourth, that won’t stop me from updating, so you won’t get off that easy.