So, I have built a little bit of a buffer if I am to update weekly, which would be the easiest best for me.  I’m still struggling a bit with art and my place with it, as seen in all the mistakes that could have been addressed before I scanned it.  I’m talking about the loose pencil marks more than anything else, but do you see any ads on the site?  Not yet.  It’s not at that point I could justify asking for money for this.  I haven’t even checked my viewers in a while, well I haven’t been updating frequently enough in a long while.  I never stopped thinking about Synthetic Wisdom (the comic) or Schwofield, or any of my other projects really.

Work should come first and Schwofield last.  I don’t talk about work here because I have an outlet for that.  This is my only creative outlet I want to use.  I’ve neglected my DA account for far too long, and because my hard drive crashed and I didn’t google docs my book, I probably lost that version.  Oh well, I had a rough time on abilify which ruined my ability to concentrate, as if I don’t have enough trouble in that area.  Wednesday will be a new day for me as I am getting something that will help me focus/concentrate, I don’t want to be on it forever, but enough to learn what it is like to be normal.  Well normal as in focus like a normal person.  I don’t think I’ll ever be “normal” and hey I’m okay with that.  I blame a decade plus in philosophy with a focus on something that I wish not write here, not until a project of mine has taken off.  That project has been on my mind for a decade, and I am now getting closer to be able to write it.  Draw it?  Heck no.

I’m mulling over details in my head and after wednesday (re)write the pilot episode.  The first one was very violent and crass, it was suitable for a young late teen-early twenties me, but now that I’ve got through a lot, its time for me to rewrite the show and start breaking it down.  I am still missing a crucial character, she is half the show really, but I might be able to pull it off without her.  More on this later.
Good luck with all of your works!-Mr.Schwo