First off and for the record I would like to say this, yes I wish the comic was drawn better, but really this is the best of my ability; out of the interest of time some sacrifices were made.

Secondly, digital art still scares me, so this is what you get.  I am far from professional and maybe…just maybe one day I’ll be at that level, but as it stands now, I can do just enough to have the confidence of, oh yeah I’m do some cartooning for  It may not be very good, or what you are used to, but its mine, all mine! Muwhahahah!

Thirdly, I am enjoying it more.  I just wish the only choices for a coffee shoppe around here werent star bucks, but they do make a really good hot chocolate.  In my opinion, without whipped cream its the best hot chocolate in the business.  I wish others would take note and remember it shouldn’t be like you are drinking sugar that tastes like chocolate, its supposed to be slightly bitter with a hint of sweetness.  Working at a coffee haus seems very hipsterish, this I understand, but I kinda like being there out among the people.  I just kinda wish I would be left alone and not have conversations.  I am on borrowed time as I have an hour or so to complete the task before I have work to do.

That also explains the quality, I put out the best possible comic I can each time.  I am not good at focusing for long periods of time, and this is stretching it, and somewhat making it better.  It’s an uphill battle doing the things you love.  I may have the creativity and passion, but without focus, it is useless and therefore makes me useless as I am now burdened with things I cannot get rid of.

I gotta run to Publix before 1400 hours.  Then I have to get back to work, I’m trying to upload a job onto a com device, and it is not doing it. Good luck with all of your projects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Exclamation Mark!