This was a joke that didn’t catch on well in the Asian markets.  I’m thinking about ditching DnD tonight.  I don’t want to, there aren’t much left in the year, but I am not in the best of moods, it used to be fun, and I usually have a lot of fun.  The problem is that I let someone get to me, and it’s been draining me all week, well since Friday really.  At this point I should be the king of rejection, I mean look at my work, oh and that novel I wanted to write?  Failures..rejection…all of it.

But at least today, I was able to work on a comic in my sketchbook.  There are flaws in it yes, but I am far from anything being fantastic.  I should have erased the pencil marks, but meh, I’m a bit on the fatigued side for that, and I have a lot of work to do tomorrow morning at 730, when I wake up, so I might lose my morning constitutional.  Also, ever since Friday I’ve lose the will to pick up garbage, which makes me sad as the side of the road is starting to gain trash.  I need to walk because it helps me clear my head… well sometimes.. not usually.. rarely it helps, unless I go on multiple hour long walks.  I don’t have time for that unless I wake up earlier.   My thoughts have been weighing me down and sapping my energy so, I am lucky to even get out for an hour really.

I love cooking, but right, the desire to make dinner is gone.  So i’ll probably have a drink of water and call it an early night.  Here is the happiest thing that has happened to me all week.  If I find myself at a coffee shop with a drink I can usually get a comic sketched/written/inked, and sometimes I can even polish it up with an eraser!  No colors for this year.  Either that or digital will be next years goal.

I am going a little on the crazy side right now, and listening to White Queen by Queen isn’t helping.  So I’ll leave you with this, and give me a minute to update my comic with todays… attempt.

The best part is that I can say I draw the comic… I don’t have to say its good though, oh an don’t tell your friends…not yet.  Winkey face.