I’m feelin’ pretty good today, its probably the meds talking, but I’ll take it over feeling sour.  My book is coming along slowly, but it is coming along.   Tomorrow after work, I’ll be able to write more, I think I’m done for today.  Who knows?  I just fired up the minecraft so I can reset the quarry, it might take too much time to wait it out, the reactor program crashed earlier, so I just started that.

I need to spend some time with Eric and work out a good balance for running the quarry and the machines so I don’t burn fuel, as I did today.  I went through a LOT of fuel, and didn’t get that much out of it, about half a quarrys worth.  I think it was about eight or nine stacks.  Which mean I am using more energy then replenishing it.  I do have a solution, and that is to build another mining laser, and set that up to receive only fuel, two of them would be good, and one would be set up only for uranium.  Speaking of which I just completed his order of machines and whatnot so he can finish the breeder and processing facilities.  When they are up, I’ll probably twitch stream the whole operation.  I would like to get some of the guys and gals from Dungeon Room to start playing it so I can have a community develop, so it’s not just me playing most of the time, or Eric on the late nights I cannot join him due to my circadian needs.  If they need power, we can supply it to them, so they don’t have to worry about energy.  That would be fun.   I really wish I knew how to program or was friends with a programmer that wanted to make a mod,  I have the ideas and a storyline to go with it, oh well, maybe in the future when things have calmed down at the office, and after I’ve completed an SQL course or two.  I really need to know that language for work, and once you learn one programming language, learning another isn’t that hard depending of course on the language.

In the meantime I’ve got my book to work on; and my art.  Today was a fantastic day for sketching.  I was rootin’ for the Broncos who was served some humble pie (a temporary setback to be sure, I’ve had many of those), and during that time I sketched out some Synthetic Wisdom, and even got the courage to bring out the big daddy himself, my art book on anatomy.  I don’t know where my draw Marvel comics book went, but I’ll find it.  That would help me out the most, as it would help me achieve the end result of my artistic journey.  It would provide me the best base to start the Synthetic Wisdom webcomic and the supplemental comic books that explain more of the storylines that the webcomic can’t go into detail about due to time constraints.  Also, the comic books allow me to work in the different art style that is explained in the overall story.

The next goal  after that is animation, as well as more novels.  I have a whole list of books that I want to write.  Those will most likely end up being free, as if they ever make it to market, I would make it as cheap as possible, and put all of the “profit” back into Schwofield, as I have some things that need to be bought for Duroc.  I have some neato business ideas that I will put forth once I reach that stage.  Also, sometime between now and then I should like to open up a fund for my friend to finish animating his series, which would cost about thirty thousand to produce.  When he is free from that obligation, I can get him to work on my stuff, which I will pay him for.  His current project already has a sales guy, so I would make sure that the producer or the company gets paid back, and any extra goes toward either hiring an intern, or setting aside for another season.  As of now, if my art keeps improving, I’ll be getting closer to my dream.  I would love to meet and work locally with an artist, but if not, I want to keep improving until I can start work on my baby.  So far I’ve been “writing” it since 2002-3; and its the culmination of all of my “spiritual” works.

My novels help me out immensely, because I can test out ideas and run thought experiments.  Some of those novels I would like to have Mr.G turn them into scripts, but I will discuss that later, as I don’t like talking about things I’m working on.  I only wish to let you know that even though I am quite lonely, I am facing my “inner demons” or my darkness and creating things that are both in my heart and my mind.  Manifestation is the only true measure of success, I would rather make something that makes people smarter rather than create for the sake of creation.  I’ll be back later and update you on some stuff, as for now I must go.

I wish you good luck and success on ALL of your projects.