Yes yes, I know I still make promises I can’t keep, as in trying to post more comics.  They aren’t leaving my sketchbooks, but they are getting better.  I’m still trying to work up the courage and get it up.  In the meantime, I am working on a new novel for national novel writing month.  I’ve completed it before, but that story… is gone.  It was beautiful, but gone.  Just like when Hemingway lost all those short stories and poems that one time.  There are probably more examples, but people lose things for some reason or another.

The goal is that I gain enough confidence after this novel to start posting comics on a weekly basis.  I want to be able to tell the world “I make the comic Synthetic Wisdom.  Which can be found on”  I probably won’t say it exactly like that.  Something similar.  I do have plans for Schwofield, Duroc, my old friend, is getting ready to get some streaming done.  The finishing touches are being put in his “man cave”/studio.  We even played Xbox Jeopardy, I lost because I was in the negative, but that’s life, you play hard and loose and bet it all.  I’m not that good at games, but I try, and I like playing some of them.  That’s why I don’t stream.

Well, if I could secure a good panel, I would have Minecraft streams, where we talk about life, modern issues, and politics, while you see the world of Schwofield. Speaking of which I have to visit it tomorrow, but instead i’m waiting for some pumpkin to be done.  I’ve got soo much pumpkin.  Soo much…  I might end up freezing it and saving for later.  I don’t know yet, I’ll think of something.  I don’t have much room left in the crock pot.  Well, I’ve got some stuff to attend to, so I’ll be back in the near future and keep you updated, and maybe, just maybe I’ll put a comic up this month.  My goal is one a week, its a starter goal, lets see if I can do it starting in December.