So this post comes at a weird but inviting parallel in my life as well what this comic is about.  My time is limited so I shall make this brief.  The past few weeks I needed some kind of assurance of my faith, which means nothing to anyone else except when it concerns my comic(s) or book(s) or even streams as  I create them.  Me holding onto my faith  is a strange inner mindset, yet I cannot hide away from the world I live in, as balanced as it is.  Even now I waver with each step and teeter over the edge of chaotic ruin -the abyss, I have almost fallen several times of recent and without my friends and family I would not be here today in this condition.  I  have  received a lot of support over the past few weeks and I would like to thank everyone for their help, and as a sign of my faith I hope they all continue to honor that which created them by searching for the Light.

That’s it!

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