I still think of Schwofield, and I still sketch out Synthetic Wisdom comics.  Creativity isn’t the issue, and I could write for that comic until the end of time.  It’s still not in a stage where I am ready to post some up here.  I’m working on some things mentally, and finally getting some sleep thanks to melatonin and benedryl.  The second one is also great for my bug bites, which are the badges of staying up late after Asylum and the band he’s in Shunt Trip?! performed.  I’ve got some footage, that suffered because of my inability to sit still and not mess with things, I’ll post that on youtube as soon its ready.  In the meantime I’m uploading it to the cloud, and after that, I’ll run it through a editing program.  I don’t have any bugs or logos available to put on it, but really those things are annoying, and Schwofield isn’t in a position to be promoted like that.  One day it will, in the meantime, tomorrow I’m getting my office repaired so I can move back out there, which should allow me to continue the comic.

I also need to get back to the gym, not that my insomnia is being held in check.  I was having episodes of light headedness due to a failed sleep medication, and letting my anxiety ruin my sleep.  This is all part of growing up though, managing your health and your time so you can accomplish the things you need to do, so you are able to do this things you want to do.  Speaking of which I made a list of all the novels I want to write, and its quite a list, I’ve even begun writing out synopsis of chapters for the one I’m working on currently.  I probably won’t finish the first draft before November, but what I’m planning on doing is turning my show ideas into a novel, then have a friend adapt the screenplay.  I’d rather him do the heavy writing on that, as I am more worried about getting my ideas down in a cogent manner.

I’ve also been trying to network locally, but still no luck on finding any artists that can help me, I always find musicians, but never anyone who wants to work in the medium I do.  I think I’ve said this before but this area tends to lose its youth to the real world.  Also, I am probably not the best person to work on projects with, so it is a good thing I spend all this time alone, so the day I do find other artists I’ll be in a much better place to hang around them.  They are crazy people, from the ones I’ve met, and they aren’t as mentally sound as I make them out to be, but then again, none of us are.

Well, i’ll keep you updated as time goes by, and keep on sending me invisible energy so that I may find the strength to continue posting Synthetic Wisdom.  I’m still not able to do long form with it, but give it time, I know I am.