Hey Schwofielders!

It’s been a couple of months yes so here’s an update of whats going on.  My office has flooded, so I am forced to move my operations to my home.  Issue will be fixed in the oncoming months.   No, I haven’t given up on Synthetic Wisdom, in fact quite the opposite, I am filling up my sketchbook now with comics you may never see!  A few of them are even inked, I’ve been debating whether or not I should scan and post them, or continue what I’m doing until I am ready to go back to photoshop or any other digital media.  I am not comfortable yet with digital artistry, but I am enjoying the more traditional work.  The solution?  Go back to traditional for a while.  I might do that, or I might not, it’s up to me and me alone.  I want to keep drawing and I want to put up some “good” cartoons for you to enjoy.

In the meantime I’ve gotten an English teach/friend who is editing Bane, so when I that is fully edited, I will begin promoting that.  I’ve also started another book and it’s a little rocky, but I hope to get going on that soon enough.  I haven’t stopped writing, it’s just this site has had to be on the back burner for a few reasons.  One of which being to make sure I am more confident in what I want this site to be.  I also have too many book/novel ideas I want to write, but finding the time/passion is a bit of a challenge, but I am writing non-stop things that won’t be published, and this all helps out, or so I’m told.  There was something about Hemmingway and a million words, so I will continue writing too many words to say too little in order to help me reach that amount.   There are also some other projects I want to write, but I do not have time to, and that would be some screenplays that I may have illicit help to.  I don’t want to look out for any production/funding when I have a good enough script to get things going.

I am also working out as well, trying to exercise my mind.  Currently I pay $10 a month so I can run indoors.  I am too scared to use the weights, so my main focus right now is strictly on cardio and running.  My current plan is to be able to run a marathon in  twenty eight weeks.  The first six are the beginner weeks so I can learn to improve my form and also learn how not to hurt myself, which is the most important.  It’s also to build confidence so I can quit the gym and run outside.  The only reason I don’t right now is because A)Florida is too damn hot B)the drivers here are terrible, and C)When season actually this, the amount of traffic will increase to insanity.  When I say insane I mean Donald Trump running for president insane.  Ronald Reagan was an actor, and Trump is a celebrity, so I guess its not as crazy as it should be.  I still remember the day Trump tried to copyright the phrase “You’re Fired”, oh those were the days.  I try to keep politics out of it, but I just wish the Republicans were actually Republicans instead of just politicians who cater to the wealthy.  I get it, federal level politics has nothing to do with the citizen as human beings, its about catering to the actual power of the nation.  This I agree with, if one could could keep the other in check, instead of one dominating the other, but this is how things are now.  The only thing that can help out the average citizen is starting at the local level and trying at best to ignore the federal level so they can ignore the “corrupting” influence of the big players as much as possible.  I do hope the Republican party rights itself to the point that it clips the right wing off, and return to sanity and ethics, rather than false moral showboating.  I don’t see Democrats or Liberalism as wrong or bad, but its far left extreme is just as bad as the far right extreme.  Opposing viewpoints are the only way to grow and realize that a conversation has two sides.  As of now, there is no conversation any more on the federal level, it’s just money on a bullhorn directing the markets however they see fit.

So the best outcome I can see is that localities try to drop out of the federal level madness as much as possibly and try to become self sufficient.  I would promote bitcoins, but unfortunately security is the greatest issue when it comes down to it, and cities cannot purchase enough cash/gold because there is not enough to pay off debts.  Bitcoins are only as good as long as the internet remains intact.  They are the globalist response to national crisis.  So, as long as the integrity of the internet remains privatized cities/localities will remain slaves to the federal system of madness.  There are more issues as well, so many issues that I cannot cover for many reasons, time being the main one.  Maybe I should go into politics…. Nah.  I like being an observer.  I am not actively against the current system, I am just against madness.   This can only exist as long as enough people are being paid to remain in the system, and when enough people drop out, change will occur.  It just might not be what we expect it to be at first, but humans will eventually normalize to the next uhh normal. I am not at liberty to discuss that issue because I am not a member of the top brass of the most powerful military in the world.  They have the plans to deal with that.

I will just try to draw and write until I no longer can.