A lot of my previous posts have been about the same thing.  Holding on tight to (something) while I get my act together and move past my insecurities and back into drawing my stuff.  I want nothing more than that, but I still have, some issues that I’m working on, health related issues.  Things will improve, I will see to that.  As for now, I am learning how to program in Java so I can make my Minecraft mod that I’ve been working on for 2 years now.  Not going to say anything more about it until I finish my classes.  Right now, I have a project where I build an animal/man with shapes that change in size depending on the variables.

I have a minor background in programming, and hopefully this can help me.  I will also try and get a comic up and going today or tomorrow.   As for now, I have to go purchase some gas for my car, and damp-rid for my office, as these Florida deluges are finding cracks the bottom of a wall and making puddles.  If I leave for a couple of days, and come back, the towels are at full capacity and the place smells of mushrooms.  Not good, unless I was growing mushrooms in here.  Which, I might later on.  I would love to grow some portobellos or some of those white buttons, and never pay those expensive store prices again!


Oh oh oh, over the past ten days I’ve been on the site 750words.com and I am thinking about paying the $5 a month for it.  I write stuff that cannot be written here on Schwofield, and my DA site is all kinds of crazy, because of the past, so I found that site.  I may not thought, because $60 is $60, and that COULD afford me all sorts of things.  Well, not really, I need to get my butt back on the grindstone and start pumping out comics again.  I will get better.  I’m just still in the learning to draw phase of my comics career.  This phase isn’t good for monetization,  but it is good for clearing out the mental demons in my head.