It pains me not to update with either a comic or a blog.  I’ve actually had a weird dream involving the Synth Wis chars, and I’ve been writing quite a bit, this time keeping the skill level down to what I’m at.  I have a book on helping to find the artist within, and when I get over my current depression (it’s only been like 5 days), I’ll be back to being prolific, maybe even moreso this time.

At Duroc’s baby shower/reveal party, I reconnected with a friend who is now an English teacher.  He wants me to send him Bane for editing.  It’s been so long (9 years?) that I don’t care what needs to be done, I want to set it aflame and hone it into the book I’ve wanted it to be.  This is gives me more impetus to write more.  So far, I’ve started a book called the Straits of God, a treatment for a screenplay, and I am getting some notes together so I can write another novel for November.  My last novel that I completed for National Novel Writing Month, is gone.  On an old IDE harddrive, possibly in Colorado.  Never to return again.  Oh well.  I may re-write it, but it was.. different and beautiful.  I really liked it.

There are two screenplays I also want to get started, as they are meant to be teevee shows.  Both different, but they both take place in modern times.  I’m going to have to get Mr.G up here for a writing session.  The goal is to start looking for a production company and get the balls rolling on those projects.  Will my depression allow it?  I don’t know.  All  I can do is try, and with being VP at my day job, I have some other projects that need to be completed first.  Once I get out of this funk, it’ll be much easier to get things done.

Anywho, good luck with your projects!