Yeah, yeah, I’m from the nineties.  I can’t help it, it’s part of my aging repertoire.  So, today’s comic is little bit more full o’ stuff.  I’m re-learning a lot of lessons that I’ve forgotten from the past.  I’m getting fast though, I wish I could say better, but faster seems up my alley, for now.  I don’t know where they live, sometimes they are at the beach, other times, the plains, and in this strip, the mountains.   I guess it could be Oregon or Washington?  Don’t they have those things?  Not here in Florida, just swamp and beach.  Oh and scrubland, lots of scrubland.  Lots and lots of hot, humid scrubland.

I’m helping Duroc with some renovations at his house, so there MIGHT be a project that comes out of it.  We have some ideas, most are within budget too.  As for now you (read I) will have to be happy with Synthetic Wisdom.  I’m doin’ the best that I can, and I see so much that needs to be improved.  I’m not counting coloring yet, that is far beyond my technical doin’s.  It’s also time consuming.  I do want to add color later though, probably when when I’m much more adept at cartooning.  Right now, I’m a neophyte, well almost.  I need a few more strips.  With these guys I won’t run out of ideas, I just run past my “talent”, there are so many stories I want to tell, and if I keep this up I’ll be able to, I really can’t wait to tell them.

There’s another Dnd session next week.  I would like to go to a first time DMers tomorrow, but instead I’m going to pick up Asylum from his trip from Ohio.   He (and the band he’s in) has a new album that is going to drop soon.  I’ll let Schwofield know the score so we can patronize and support that talent.  I’ve heard some of the new tracks, and it is SO much better than the link from bandcamp.   Fancy?! Isn’t bad at all, I like, but I’m also a big fan of the evolution of a thing.  Newer usually means better.  Why does my spiritual life have me do the exact opposite?  I can’t answer that now.  All the answers I have lies in the upcoming Synthetic Wisdom, and in short time I’ll put Bane back up for sale and continue working on another book.   I actually wonder if I still have it… that would suck if the .pdf or word file(s) are gone, that would be my 2nd novel lost to the annuls of time.  When I do find it, I will put in google docs.  Google will last longer than my harddrives.

Good luck with all your works, and remain in the Light!


You’re the heart of my obsession.