I’m updating everyone on to let you know I am getting closer to my goal of becoming comfortable with my devices.  So far I’ve been using Valerian root to calm down that inner voice that prevents me from any successful attempts.  Well I also did have a helper as well, aside from my chat with a master woodworker (who is teaching me how to become an artist), I’ve been taking Lorezapam to help calm my self down.  My anxiety isn’t so bad that I can’t go to my favorite store: publix, but it hinders me attempting certain feats such as cartooning and the world of art.  Being a conservative that cannot relate the the madness of the GoP and Right Wingers keeps me from growing.  The GoP has a lot of hatred and biggotry, which is the same reason I had to take a moment away from Catholicism/Christianity.  I needed to get in touch with me.  More on this later, as it’s time for Heroes of the Storm.  It’s not bad, I like it more than LoL, but I wish Blizzard would have made another Warcraft game that wasn’t an MMO.



P.S.  Later on i’ll update into the comics slot my foray back into digital with Sketchbook 7.