We will be resetting the server to the latest version of Infinity.  Expect this to happen sometime this week.

Why the reset?  This one has been on for quite some time, also the Factorization issues with the cool Collosi, Collosuses? Those big multiblock creature were causing all sorts of issues.  I hope they get fixed in the future (less buggy), also I hope they can make MUCH larger ones that roam the Overworld and are hard to take down.  I wouldn’t mind if they left a gravestone with goodies that would go away once it was emptied.  That would be a good solution than just having stuff drop.

That’s pretty much it.  I’ve still been sketching, and am trying to get myself back to cartooning.  In the meantime I’m writing a little more of my next book.  I feel good about it. I have a neat idea how it should work, but as always it won’t evolve into the proper form until I really start working on it.  That’s when all the cool nuances appear.

I’ve also started another project, well learning, but I don’t see much coming out of it right now.  I’m about to get bored of Age of Empires III, I’ve been playing as the Sioux because I wanted to see things and level them all the way up, as I did with the Chinese and the Dutch, after the Sioux that should wrap that up and I can stop playing that and work on real projects that can give me much better fulfillment.

I spend too much time in Minecraft already.  Hopefully on Friday I can play some desert strike or Age of Icarus.  That would be cool.   I would like to play Day Z but my 3.5 Ghz processor isn’t good enough.   It’s just like chasing the dragon…