Sorry, this was a tough comic to put up.  I liked drawing it, and inking it, as well as learning it, but still.  Tough.  I don’t usually entertain two nights in a row, the first one I could have recovered quicker, a bit late from eight player Smash Bros.  then Mario Party 10, finally finishing off the night with the inevitable and Reddit approved Cards Against Humanity.

The night previous was a farewell to a dear friend who is leaving to go back across the pond, in a few months marriage, and in less than that, his professional career awaits him.  He seems happy, but there is still some unfulfillment left inside of him.  I would expect nothing less, he is a man who likes adventure.  Most of my friends do.  I also got to encounter many people form high school who I haven’t seen since we were liberated from that institution.  I had a great time, I wasn’t the best academically, nor was I in any sports, I was a nerd, but I was well liked by nearly everyone.  It’s probably why I didn’t hide from bad social encounters in my artwork, like I should have.  I hid in video games.  One the traits of the modern artists I like is that in times of their halcyon days they could art/cartooning and applied themselves.

I was undergoing a lot of inner struggle trying to find myself, and I didn’t end up hanging out around the artists, who could have benefited me.  I don’t regret it, it’s just that if I ever have children, I would help guide them after I found out their hopes and dreams.  My work is separate from all of this, and I am very grateful for my opportunity, and am still a little frightened at the prospect of taking over the brunt of a business.  In time I will master it, I just hope to find someone else who can accompany me on this journey.   Since I am not in any way shape or form in a good place to attain such a meeting, I am left to follow my passion of cartooning.  It doesn’t show yet.  But, I will make it happen.  I want to cartoon, not to become famous, but to express the stories I want to tell, as well as give me more confidence.  In my talks with the Creator of All Things, it seems this is a necessary step towards soul fulfillment.

After a time of keeping this schedule I will be awarded by being able to write again.  A little before that, I will create a facebook that I can pair up with my love, so I can try to connect with friends of old, so that I am re-enter some social strata that I miss on some level.  As for now, I’m taking advantage of being in still being in mental recovery from my abrupt cessation from  the great and confusing state of Colorado.  Which would be one of the top five states that could be pushed into a rebellion against the larger State depending on what winds blow across it from the East.

I don’t like talking about revolutions here, not in blog form.  That is best done though art and books. I would like Bane to be edited and put on sale around the same time I finish a comic I am working on, the first in a series that will be published on the web when the story calls for it.  I am trying REALLY hard to improve my art, so you don’t see this amateur hour in comic book form. Confidence is key in all things.  With that, I must leave, I will see you tomorrow, around this time.  I also hope you can pop on Minecraft, and  build a city our large metropolis can connect to.  Schwofieldia already has a Master Architect, so buildings in the capitol will have to be built by his discretion.  That’s fine, I only time to gather resources and act as head bureaucrat.

Good luck with all of your projects.


And oh poor atlas, was a beast of a burden.