So, I’m not counting my painting I put up, so this was my 50th Synthetic Wisdom strip, on Schwofield!  I am probably at like 60 or 70 when it comes to my stuff on Deviant Art.  I won’t count that, as I don’t really count my stuff before 2009 (like Schwofielders).  For the first time I’m feeling great and passionate about what I’m doing.  In addition to Sketchbook Pro 7, I am re-installing Photoshop Elements 8, God bless you Bel-Arc advisor.  The next step is get rid of a bunch of old and useless .PSD files I will never revisit.  After that I have to find out how to get my Kingston SSD in operation, then make it my my windows drive, and use my big old current hdrive for storage.  Thanks to this wonderful age of digital games, all I really have to do is save my literary attempts, and start fresh and new.  It’s going to be a great year, and it started kind of rocky, but once Easter hit I feel reborn and ready to flesh out my passion of cartooning/story-telling.

Tomorrow is Duroc’s birthday party, which means 8 player smash bros (who can tell whats going on?), board games, and comradery(fun fact, that word was not in my chrome).   I’ll also have to have tomorrows strip up during the day, which is kind of odd.

There are some flying bugs in my office, as well as a tiny spider.  I haven’t put poison down on the lanai, but I have put some in the office here.  It doesn’t work on the insects with flight, nor does it do too well with arachnids, I heard peppermint oil, vinegar, and water mixed up makes a great deterrent for ants, spiders, and rodents.  All three of those live here in the swamps of Southwest Florida.  I also have a swarm of bees taking refuge in the wall adjacent to mine.  I don’t want them dead, just evicted.  There are a lot of benefits to having bees guarding my property, but I don’t want them buzzing me, or attacking any friends and relatives.  I’m hoping the landlord will find someone, or I find a company down here that will take them away to a new place, a better place.  So they can build a hive and pollinate crops and flowers.  I’m not a big honey fan, so they can keep their honey.  This area just isn’t suited for their kind, I really hope they aren’t Africanized, that would suck).  According to my chrome, it wanted me to change Africanized to Americanized.  Oh the metaphor, amirite?
So, tomorrow, expect more of Clints story of how he got fired, and after that, more stories.  I have some neato story ideas that will be at my drawing ability, so look forward to that in the next couple of weeks.  I’ll bee back tomorrow, so in the meantime, as always good luck on all your projects, and I wish you success in all you do,  unless its mass murder, I cannot support that sadly.


Promises are empty in a world of empty bliss