There is a lot of construction going on the minecraft server.  We have Emerald Arch, the master architect building fantastic buildings as we focus on making a metropolis.  Once we have sufficient buildings (think everything a 15th century world can conceive, well moreso RPG) we will start populating it with NPCs.  I have the two villagers just waiting to be released and start breeding more.  At that time I hope to have enough doors so Iron Golems will spawn and roam the city protecting it from ne’er do wells.  I’ve gotta cut this short as the new episode of Dig starts in five minutes.  Tomorrow will just be a comic as that’s my game day.  Saturday should be a comic and a post.  Also, I can almost see myself getting better…at putting up comic strips.  I really don’t know how to improve other than just follow my heart in creating this.  I’m still sketching and trying to improve that way, than you John Buscema, and Stan Lee for making that book.  It’s just what I need.  How do I use those skills?  First I have to master them, which will be in a few months, but then, once that happens, expect a dramatic change in art and story as I can *finally* move to story lines.  Also, at that time I would like to restart Schwolanders, but put that into a comic book format.

If I can budget correctly I can get a program that works with Toon Boom and help my friend animate his cartoon then work on some of my own.  Lofty goals yes, I know.  Until that day you get moar Synthetic Wisdom.  I have many stories I want to tell, some are even going to be taken from my sketchbook.  More on that later!



I love that you’re never satisfied.