I’m trying out some new tactics, after ruminating about what happened last night.  This was kinda fun, still not perfect, but that isn’t the point.  The point is that its mine and its up.  While at my appointment today I sketched some more strips that will probably never see the light of the internet.  Thats ok, I like what gets made, and if I keep it up, it will get better.  It just has to.  I want it to, and I will make it happen.  If I can do this, than you can do whatever it is that what you want to do.  Oh, sunday I might not have a comic up, I have a birthday to go to.  After I get back on monday, it will be business as usual.

Oh I picked up a Tsquare and white-out, as well some bristol paper.  I want to work on something, my first project.  I’ve only got 20 pages, so I cant screw up.  I guess I could order more, so I don’t have to go to the Lobby of Hobbies, which I have heard accounts of antisemitism.  I haven’t seen it, but it is a very Christian place as it has lot of crucifixes everywhere.  They also have a very strange system where you purchase items based on price rather than any sort of item code.  It boggles my retail guided mind, but apparently it works for them.

Once again, I support you, whoever you are.  You are amazing just for being you.


Dance magic, dance magic..