The comic is done, actually, I just haven’t added the text in.  I’m slowly making the transition to digital, just picked up Sketchbook pro 7, and its a bit difficult to work with.  Adding text bubbles seems impossible actually.  I can make text, but its stuck in the middle of the canvas, unable to be moved.  Going digital is very VERY frustrating for me for many reasons.  I wanted to put up a comic, but I’m going to be defeated and beat myself up tonight.  Technically I did make one, but unless this crap is put online, I am a liar.  I hate lying, which is why I would write a dour post.


Oh and the tutorials online for Sketchbook pro are great, but none of them can help me.  I’ll probably use paint or something tomorrow.  Right now I’m hot and sweaty in my office, and my AC messes up my computer.  Yeah, theres a lot of complaining in this post, for that I’m sorry.  This started out as a good.. no great week, and as of now it looks like it will end badly if I don’t get this figured out.  I’m usually an extrovert on a lot of things, but my “art” makes me introverted and hard to connect to other artists.  I’ll bounce back, I always do, but for now I am a failure.  Tomorrow, hopefully will be better.


I hope you, dear reader, succeed in all you do.  You are amazing and can do anything.  I believe in you, no matter how bad things get, and if you don’t mind I fail a lot, but I will never truly fail if I believe in you.  Don’t give up.  I won’t, I just have to step away tonight.  I’ll adjust some things and come back tomorrow.  Again, I apologize for this, but you don’t ever have to apologize if you tried, because I know you will succeed if you just be yourself.  With me you have no reason to lie, as I will never lie to you.



“Keep your chin up!”