Yeah, it’s a little jab at eschatology, and yes it’s a little wobbly.  That was from the scan. I’ma bit too tired to fix it, sorry.  I’m just excited to get another one up!  I’m rather enjoying doing these as I mine and/or craft.  I’m usually setting up turtles, harvesting rubber trees, or simply waiting for machines to time out while I do these.  This is what keeps cartooning as a hobby and not something a bit more serious.  If I try to think hard about cartooning I get filled with anxiety and unhappiness over where I’m at with my cartooning ability.

If you’ve been following my progress on over the years, through the many iterations and the many poor attempts at comicry, hopefully you and I can both agree that my tenacity is beginning to pay off in small amounts.  I still have books that i’m trying to use and incorporate into my skill, but that will take time.  So far my routine is spending half an hour before work with my sketchbook and a teaching book trying to “learn” either anatomy, super hero, or cartooning.  Some of it hopefully is adhering some area of my brain.  I really want to learn how to become confident with super heroes, not for the bulging muscles and capes, but for the action.  I didn’t read a lot of comics as a kid, and for that I’m sorry, I spent more time reading comic strips form the daily ‘papes, and those didn’t contain a lot action.  It was more cerebral.   I think they were trying to tell jokes, but I wasn’t sure, nor did I care, I was more fascinated by the pictures and the line work.  I guess that’s why I’m not too funny, but at least I’m  not cliche, right?

There will be times I will riddle this blog with my opinions on politics and religion, as well as the better of the two, faith.  I just wish the former two weren’t devoid of the latter.  Power and faith are two separate goals when it comes to governing others, because they demand that those they govern over give up their power and dissolve any notion of a true faith so that a religion can be form.  In this modern age, we see how a major religion has an extremist wing that throws away the holier texts so they can gain power over others by creating fear and sadness.  Is that a kind of faith?  Yes, there are many different faiths, but its hard to tell what someones faith is until they open their mouths and vomit their religion and then like a dog, lap it up, only to vomit it and  re-consume it, over and over again like some disgusting cycle where nothing new is learned or earned.  Certain major religious founders before the 1800’s would spinning in their graves if they heard or saw a glimpse of what was to happen to their mission after they were no longer able to direct it.  Some of those founders would be for liberating humanity from useless religion(s) so that we could better know a universal faith that cannot have any actual judgement.   Do I sit in the seat of judgement?  To some degree I do, but not enough to use the Greek word for mistake as some major error that blemishes a soul that was perfect the moment it was created.  I just like the golden rule of not being rude or mean to those around me.  I don’t want help create more darkness, because I like learning, and being wrong, so that I may be on a path that is right, not jut for myself, but for the world around me.  So that we can all see in the light of day, rather than stumbling around and holding each other down in the darkness of night.



Meet me in the shadows and tell me what you found.