A quick little update on my life or rather the comic.

Its not dead, I’m still working on some stuff, trying to make it better, and pep talking myself into having the courage to get some stuff up.   I want to return back to quick little “gags” for a bit, before I get back to the many stories I’ve started.

It won’t be digital sadly, having some issues with gimpshop working with my wacom tablet.


Enough about comics, lets talk Dig.

As I celebrate my first passover tomorrow for fun, and then Easter.  So, are the extremist Jews the bad guys, and the killer Essenes and the neutrals the good guys?  I’ve studied a lot of Old Testament and eschatology to know that there is no such thing as end of the world prophecy.  It’s all supposed to be focused on the self.  I am fascinated my Hebrew Mysticism and I can’t wait to learn more.  Note, I am referring to the philosopher mystic, not the other realmers that ar ea different type.  I can’t speak for them, and because I place philosopher in front of mine, I adhere to a lot of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes which saves me from the majority of the insanity my fellow Christians and world enders fall into. What about the Native people’s prophecies?  I can’t say at this time.  They have a closer connection to the Earth so it’s more Earth centric rather than people centric which is markedly different.  They are not devoid or bereft of logic, they just have much different focus.  No, I won’t talk about Jesus the Christ here.


Back to the Dig, I love archeology, not enough to study it, but enough to not hate it and welcome finds and studies from those who sacrifice their lives looking into our past.  I’m also a futurist who welcomes the post need age that we as humanity are about to embark upon assuming many technological and psychological marks or goals are met.  The more enlightened of us, seek the Light of Truth, whereas there exists a large class of men that seek to keep us all in the darkness.  The Bible is great compendium, a wonderful addition, a fantastic collection of books (except the New Testament after Jesus dies, then it becomes the moralistic nightmare we didn’t need).  I digress, the show so far only had one or two episodes about archaeology.   The rest of the show is a thrill ride I’m glad to have seen, because it’s about my favorite group of people, my beloved, and I take the fanaticism portion with a grain of salt.

I’m not rooting for the murderous Essenes.  Not much is explained about them in the show sadly, the show is mainly centered around the american FBI agent and his Jewish counterpart which is in a way kind of like a buddy cop show.  At least they are trying to stop what the ‘people in the know’ are trying to make happen, which can only happen so far because there is a Christian cult that exists at the same time as the red heifer being born.   I don’t know much about the “prophecy” but my guess is that the kid is supposed to sacrifice the calf at the temple mount, while wearing the radioactive stones, so he can “talk to God”.  I don’t know why you need stones to talk to the one that created all things, but hey, that wouldn’t have been that interesting.

Anyway, it’s the only show that I care to watch right now, and until the day I can unleash my creativity and finish my shows/books/and comics, I can only sit on the sidelines and watch.  I love the Father of All the Things, but I don’t feel the best way to honor Him is to beat people over the head with whats already been said (and failed), it’s time for something new, and not something that goes against sanity and the Truth and Logos, but something that can help humanity by bringing it into the Light, rather than damning it into the darkness.