At first the misspelling by Clint was an error, and then after trying to pronounce what he said a few times, some kind of humor got to me.  Or I really am going off the deep end with sadness over my current situation.

I’ve made some good progress with the strip, and a lot of it is keeping my “bad” or “sad” side from ruining all of the adventure(s) that I want to go on, and of course bring you with me.  Even though I world build, there is nothing better than the day to day (strip to strip) creation of the overall strip.  Right now I wouldn’t mind doing Synthetic Wisdom until I’m an old hundred and fifty year old retired politician helping the Newly Formed Republic finish coming to terms with its own war for freedom.  I don’t know if we are currently living in a civil war (World War 4 by now), or if the worst is yet to come.

Had some interesting discussion with a good friend the other night on my(AO) Doom stream.  I’ll start transferring over the videos to so I help merge these two worlds.  I hope Doom without strafing proves to be more difficult than it did when I was back in the swamps.  Which at this rate it looks like I might have to return.  I don’t know what type of person I would turn into, bitter would be an understatement.

No, my readers, this is a time of humility and sacrifice, two virtues that I have been unfamiliar with, as well as Honor, I have been lax on some aspects, and fighting any inner turmoil aside (we all fight this I hope), have caused me to not be as diligent as I should be.   I’m glad there is still time left.

I’m saving my Hail Mary for I guess when things get even worse (better) for me.  As of now I’m getting somewhat intimate with my car and that right there is opening up some Dexter style inner monologues as I come to terms with my past.  I want to do so many projects, but as the creator of Dilbert said as the tagline for his latest book on failure: Passion is bullshit.  I’m guessing there are some answers to be found in his work and one day I will get to read this one, but part of me really hopes he continues the God’s Debris literature.  I wanted to see that thought experiment pan out.

There are some other plans I have that I want to develop, as long as I try to overcome my inner self and beat my humanity I can make them happen.  Until then, dark days that inevitably fill the cauldron of creativity.

Be good readers, and I assure you that my art will improve.  As far as my cartooning roots, M.Krahulik will always be my favorite Artist.  I don’t want to copy his or anyone else style,  I want to find my own way and tell my own stories.   After seeing how creatives operate, I don’t know if I can ever see myself as one, I can’t justify it in this light, they perform a needed job, but it seems my mysticism clashes with that lifestyle as well.

I heard one production manager said he needed ideas, and from other sources I hear that ideas are a dime a dozen.  This reminds me of the product of deliberate misinformation, or withholding of information so that informed choices cannot be made and then you condemn the person for reaching their conclusion.  Truth versus truth.

These are all age old problems, and I hope this is age where we  *finally* solve them.

Oh a quick note on GTA V: Flying is awesome, just bought a hangar and I’m well on my way to getting to steal/pilot a fighter jet.  Not online, since I prefer silver to gold any day of the week, I don’t get to play, much to my friends chagrin.

-(SWO)Mr.Schwo Out

The Fountain – Pendulum