Had an awesome breakthrough last night, first off I’ve taken to meditating.  After having a weird heart thing after I ate some iced cream, I needed something more powerful to start calming me down.  I did it last night, and again tonight.  I don’t really know how to do it, but I’m doin it.  This morning before “work” I was able to get out the sketchbook and (re)start drawing Spinach.   I want to focus back on him, so I can crawl back to making the strip.  I’m a few weeks away from my surgery, which will keep me down for a bit.

The problem with being back in Naples is the lack of artists/cartoonists here.  This was the case before I left, and it seems things have not improved.  Perhaps when I get a vehicle I will be able to restart my search, but I do have an innate hindrance of having an “adult” schedule.  That is wake up in the morning and and go to sleep before night.  I used to be a night owl, not any more.  I used to game, now not as much.  I want to play more games, but my heart isn’t the same as it once was, although playing the two player console games is comforting.  I just don’t have the same zeal for the massive single player games, or even the the DOTA style repeat games are fun for a short while, but it is too epic for me to repeat over and over again.  One game of LOL leaves me exasperated and spent.  Oh it was fun, just fun I don’t want to keep dragging myself into until it’s no longer fun.

Since I’m not into competition, min-maxing ruins games.  I like to have fun.  Which is why I like Age of Empires 3, but not playing online, they aren’t playing for fun, they are playing to WIN, or for keeps.    Today is a bit better of a day, and one day in this town i’ll find a good partner.  I already have a home office for us to be productive.  I just can’t be the cheerleader for everyone.  I used to be a lone wolf, but as I age, I seethe value of the pack, however small, a pack will always keep itself alive better than an lone wolf.

In the meantime i’ll keep doing what I’m doing.


I’m not talkin’ about the swab.