Yes yes I’m aware I haven’t put up a comic since I got “settled  in”.  I tried using my wacom tablet, and I couldn’t.  The old mental block is there, well that and my legit copy of ps elements no longer works.  The real guys use real photoshop and still in my advanced age, it the real photoshop is overwhelming.  I have resolved to take some tutorials as the internet provides free knowledge, so I really have no excuse.  Internally I am a wreck because of some medical issues that will be cleared up in the oncoming weeks, so I should really only focus on that and not strain myself trying to unleash my creative side.  I still cannot understand why I am unable to unleash that part of me.  My heart says I can, but my brain says I cannot.  Isn’t that the way of things, the brain and the heart in a constant battle.  With some people it isn’t that way, but life wouldn’t be interesting if we were all the same.  So I accept my suffering for the sake that life must be different, and we all have different challenges to overcome.  I’ll find a way.  Life, will find a way.

Or it won’t and I’ll die, at least I got this far right?



Bleed for me.