FTB is having some issues right now.  Well on the computer I’m on.  The one at the “office” seems to never crash, for whatever reason.  It’s a windows 8 machine too.   I used to be in the camp that hated windows 8, that is until I started using it.  I rarely if ever use that app start screen, its atrocious on desktop pcs, but had I tablet it would be acceptable.  My two grievances is that so far I am unable to make the desktop the default option, and the other one is that lack of themes.  I was really hoping Microsoft would have ponied up and bought the LCARS rights.  We are at that future where touch screen operating systems shouldn’t be atrocious.

I’m also hoping that we are starting to lose our glut for entertainment and gear our future towards a more utilitarian one.  I say that as I write scripts and books, for entertainment, yes, but I also like to do more that just “crap” one out, or make a project for money.  I am taken care of in the real world, so the only option left is to A)get my health back in order, and B)get back to my comfort zone of creativity.  These aren’t silly new years resolutions, these are things that will help keep my on my own path of faith in Creation.  If I were only just to work and play video games, what kind of existence would I be living?  Never minding what I do for my “spiritual” path, but as I have learned for some individuals the best way to thank and honor that which created me, is to create my self.  This entails quite a bit, and I am more than willing to continue doing that.  Right now since I crashed in the portal to the Nether its really easy for me to stop playing games.  So once again a dream has warned me I would be taken out of video games commission. Well, a certain one, in a few hours Duroc and I will struggle through the last character of RE6, which gets more ridiculous each iteration of the overall “story”.  Strange enough its what I had in mind for my own iteration not too long ago.  They have attempted to do something different, and they only failed in direction, it’s like it was made my Michael Bay or some other “hack” director, who uses cheesy one liners and ridiculous situations fraught with explosions to drive story.  I’m sure a plot exists, I just don’t know where.


I’ll try to keep ya’ll informed on the haps here.  I will also be committed to another blog, but I won’t have as much freedom as I have here.  I save my creativity for this “dump”.


Oh what happened in Minecraft?  My FTB crashed while I was portaling from the Nether back to the Overworld, and now I can’t get back in the game.

FTB is crashing A LOT for everyone I know, so I hope they get that fixed.  Toodles!



“One pill makes you small, and another makes you tall..”