Things are calming down here at the office.  I can’t post much thanks to some incredible pain and insomnia, which both feed into each other, but if all goes well I have some surgery next month.  As soon as I am better, I will be able to resume comics and postings on a more regular schedule.  There are some other creative endeavors that I have to devote my time to as well, so if anything, the comics will still be in the same fashion, still crude, but I believe with dedication the art and the writing will improve, and dare I say it, I can resume the whole Bis/Gene Talbot story I am dying to tell.  It will all tie in I promise, I’ve been away from it, but once I start getting back into the swang of things, which is after my little operation, I can begin the next stage of development.

There are a few scripts that need to be written, and I perhaps get back to finishing that novel I started.  When my things arrive I have to actually try desperately to remove my second novel from an old failing harddrive.  Will it be too Corrupted?  The working title is a Glorious Sunrise, but the actual title I will release when the copy is restored and maybe find an editor for it.  It’s only a first draft so I won’t be able to even give a release date.  My goal is to sell it sometime this year, and maybe even start making some Synthetic Wisdom graphic novels to sell.  It will still be print on demand, so don’t expect anything fancy.  I also am not a graphic designer, so lower your expectations even more!  lower…lower… there.  Be more on the surprised level.  Those I want to be written by Duroc, and I will have them be stories that work with the Synth Wis universe thats growing.


I also need to help out a friend with some animation at some point (post Feb.) then start to work on my own, so expect something else much later down the pipeline.  I am hoping for a fall release, but if it’s winter, that will be coooool as well.  Depending on my “spiritual” work you should see a dramatic change in my style as I begin to open up and embrace portions of myself that are right now still too “scary” to face.  What are these things?  For now, I’ll admit to my art.  I’m starting to like it, and it reminds me of those oddly drawn strips of old.  I don’t want to be stuck in any one style, but right now the entire work of Synthetic Wisdom is growth and evolution of ideas of the self.

Probably before the surgery I’ll throw in an about page, and talk to Isaac about a possible redesign, but frankly I still like what I see.  I canceled my Deviant Art in a fit of rage, I might start again, I don’t know.  I’d rather focus on Schwofield, my health, and real life work.  Which I will keep separate from this for many reasons.

It’s gonna be a grand new year, and hopefully dear reader you will be successful, no all of use will be successful.



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