Juust as the title says,  the main server is switching over to the newest direwolf20.  I will miss the place.   It was my best building yet.  Well compound.  Some people build cities, I say, why not put most if not all of the infrastructure in one location?    It was the best way to control the environment and keep the place safe and dry for electrical device placement.

I hope Microsoft understands what a gem it has, and what a tool it has in creating the world of tomorrow.  Pairing with the rift is a no-brainer south park episodes aside.  There are probably going to be some genes that do not pair well, which is why we would still need desktops and tablets and the like.  For a moment I would like to speculate on if I were Microsoft with this awesome IP.

There are two directions this sandbox can be built, one is realism, and the other is escapism.    On the realism end you have a great way to teach programming, using realistic physics to construct homes(in-game 3d printers) run electricity or fluids to necessitate infrastructure.  I even have plans to work with AI and work in a system of philosophy and ethics, but that would be available for escapism as well.  Kids in school can now have the entire world at their fingertips!  Teachers accounts would be full of surprises as the ways to implement that into the classroom would be endless.

The escapism would include the oculus and be across platforms because the goal would be to let people unique stories and events as a never before told tale is performed.  This is the only time I would ask to include celebrities, but I wouldn’t reveal their identities until after a certain age has passed, or it is guessed.  Monthly content would be told, and the player could even take part in events, i.e. wars would be accepted invites, and the writers would have written outcomes for any event, or at least be good at thinkin’ on the fly.  I do have a storyline that at a  monthly rate would take years to tell.  There are other alternate storylines or servers that could spring up based on the timeline that people could have access to, but the main focus would be on the storyline which I guess could include cutscenes (your character could be in crowd!).

What will end up happening is they will ruin it with either micropayments or force payment in some other manner for updated minecraft, which would be a low, but accepted blow.  Would I pay for it?  Unless I could monetize it somehow, probably not.  It would just be a way to tell me, I need to focus on other things.  You know, amelioration of the self.

Speaking of which I haven’t forgotten about Synthetic Wisdom, its just as a weak man I have to take my move much easier than most.    My ducks are almost in a row, but as I near my own departure date, I worry about the future, but its a good worry.

Oh, and yesterday I learned a great deal about smoking meats and consistent wood burning rules.  The vegetables are a bit more sensitive to certain woods as well, so when I finish my move, my research into the green demon 😛 will continue.  I actually do like vegetables, and with perhaps a concession or two I wouldn’t mind if it comprised the majority (99%) of my diet.  Smoking is the key to victory.

The switch to direwolf should happen tonight.  Oh, and I found the free UO shard called “uo lost lands”.  I probably should learn to link, it is the cool thing to do.  Maybe one day.


Maybe I’ll wake up for once.