So the site has been moving around in some internet ways.  I am dealing with some health and location issues as I tuck my tail between my legs and return back to the swamps of South Florida.  I didn’t want to leave this place, even though Colorado is not a very welcoming environment.  Some of the people are nice, but the whole attitude is once again the polarized dichotomy of the far left, and the far right.  Even with the HORRIBLY corrupt mail in ballot voting system that occurred, I am once again reminded of security theatre.

If the markets weren’t so interconnected I wouldn’t mind saying how much theatre is put on display with the shoestring budget I can only accept from Corporate America.  It’s not about a fair deal, its about dealing fairly with others.  I tried to make good decisions, but moving up here, ended up being more negative than positive. 64 passing emigrated too many citizens so the job market fell became tougher, and only a few industries actually consider their employees human.  It wont be long before state realize that preaching false morality is harder than not preaching at all.  A fact that will come apparent as more of the old guard die out and hopefully we get some new blood in the party that will try to save the republic rather than sell it out.

It’s a tall order.  I can dream can’t I?

In the meantime I wanted to see if I can write a South Park episode, and I have the whole thing conceptualized except for the ending.  Which can only be written after the other parts are made.  Will I finish it before I leave?  Probably not.  If I did, it would be at the expense of the novel I wanted to write this month.

I can only move as fast as the left side of my chest allows.  I am a weak and broken man now.  The more I stress and do, the tighter my chest becomes.   I will be able to see a doctor after I leave here.  If I were to stay, I would never be able to afford the healthcare I now need from my inability to receive proper healthcare when I was a younger man.

Oh well, this is life.  This is a very dark time for man.  When isn’t it, right?

-Mr.Schwo “It’s too late to Rupologize