Due to a new schedule, I will probably have to move to a once a week update.  I can even try to work on the quality a bit more!  Or just you know, improve, which is my want and intent.  Now, as for the outcome, that is to be determined.  In the meantime I won’t resting on my laurels, I will be working on another project.  Focus!  If that means less times, umm minecrafting?  The better.  I might have to sacrifice some social time too, which might be necessary.
This iteration of the site’s first anniversary is up, and by some extension of that the comic as well.  I’m amazed and disappointed in my drawing ability after the birth of Synthetic Wisdom.  So Clint and Spinach will be six in May, I think.  This, uh, work, that I put up here is the result of a LOT of previous strips that will  hopefully never see the light of day.  I’ll draw (heh) from them, but it was all part of my system of goals that I kept reaching for.

My books are something else.  I like to write them because they are awful, no I like to write them because they are mine.  I like reading people close to mes work, because I don’t have many creatives around me.  I need to change that if I want to accomplish things, but I am afraid of being right on certain things I cannot mention here, well not right now.

Unfotunately, my business is cursed with a high turnover rate, which allows me extra work, but it also drains so many other aspects of my life, as does it for all of us during this time of a transitional economy.  That I will most definitely not go into here, because of I don’t like modern political theatre and I would rather not participate.  Make my own company, of course.

And/or work with the Church and possibly have that force multiplier, that is another choice.  The Church that I want to help, is having an internal struggle as the old guard is losing its footing.  On a political level to me the church and state are equal entities, and one is free to serve either.  They just both have to allow each other to exist without imposing their will on one another.

The State is supposed to be cruel and unforgiving.  It represents mankind intellect and The Church represents its heart.  The people are blood cells, and the immune and digestive systems, don’t get me started.  It’s getting better though, I just hope its for the right reasons.

I know it is.


Rise, rise, rise and revolution!”